Natural Green Tea Extract 98% L-theanine suntheanine

L-Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea that produces tranquilizing effects in the brain. L-Theanine is also a derivative of Glutamic Acid which is one of the neurotransmitters found in the brain. L-theanine, organic and green,high...
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Product name: L-Theanine Synonym: Theanin, Suntheanine, N-Ethyl-L-glutamine, N5-Ethyl-L-glutamine, L-gamma-Glutamylethylamide CAS No.: 3081-61-6 Molecular Formula: C7H14N2O3 Molecular Weight: 174.20 Description: L-theanine is an amino acid known to...
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Green Tea Extract L-Theanine

About L-Theanine: L-Theanine (also known as Theanine) is an amino acid found in tea. It is also used in dietary supplements and is claimed to be useful for a variety of different conditions, such as anxiety, Alzheimer's disease, and high blood...
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Our company specially product,long-term supply the amino acids and their derivatives,assured quality and favarable price .Welcome to contact us ! Product name: L-theanine Cas#: 3081-61-6 Chemical formula: C7H14N2O3 Visual:White crystal powder...
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