Moringa Seed Oil Subcritical Extraction Machine

Henan Subcritical Extraction Biological Technology Co.,Ltd dedicates to the development and manufacturing of extraction machinery for natural extracts, including edible oils, essential oils, plant proteins and natural pigments and more. We...
Main Item subcritical extraction equipment
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Stirred reactor (high temp. & high press.)

[] applications: polimerization, hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, oxidation, amination, distillation, organic synthesis, catalytic reaction, isomerization, poly- silicon CVD, poly-silicon FBR, Bio- polymerization, gasfication, fuel cell,...
Main Item Stirred reactor (high temp. & high press.)
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High Purity herbal products

Red Algae Powder According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, dampness is the key cause of disease deterioration. Because of the environment, eating habits, living habits and other factors, everyone will have varying degrees of dampness in the body....
Main Item seaweed jelly
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SFE-CO2 extraction plant

CO2 Extraction machine Introduction of CO2 Extraction machine CO2 is a unique solvent because it has the ability to change its solvency power simply by adjusting the temperature and pressure of the CO2 during the extraction. When the pressure and...
Main Item wood pellet mill, animal feed pellet mill, oil press machinery
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