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Ledar MS100 Silane-modified polyether sealants offered by Reliance

Ledar MS100 Silane-modified polyether sealants can replace for Henkel 930 Where to use: container,construction and other industrial equipment'joint and welding line waterproof sealants. Elena Sales manager Tel: 0086-0516-83898063 Fax:...
Main Item MS sealant
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modified silane polymer 12000DS-A

As a new generation dimethoxy and triethoxy capped silane terminated polyether polymer of RISUN POLYMER, Risun DS-A series polymer is with low viscosity and easy to proceed. It is used in making various industrial sealants and adhesives. Combining...
Main Item MS modified silane teminated polyether polyol polymer hybrid resin
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Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) MS Polymer Hybrid Polymers

Our Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) with Case Number: 216597-12-5, has the same function with Kaneka MS polymer and STP-E (Silyl-terminated polyether) of Wacker. It is also known as SMP, MSP, STP, MS Polymer, Silane modified polymers, Modified silane...
Main Item Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP)
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Single Component MS Sealant for Construction MS365UV

MS365UV is a single-component sealant preparation based on SIPE resin, which known as MS or SMP (Silane-modified polyether) as the main component. It has black, white and gray three colors for choice. It has good flexibility, good adhesion with...
Main Item Polyurethane Sealant /Polyurethane Adhesive/Epoxy Adhesive/Silicone Adhesive/MS
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