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Drone signal blocker/ jammers/detection system through Video device

Drone signal blocker/ jammers/detection system through Video device Feature 1,The target trajectory and disposal process are archived to achieve target discovery, identification, tracking and playback of the entire process event. 2,High cost...
Main Item UAV jammer, Drone Jammer Drone signal jammer
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Photo-Frame Style Smart Signal Detective Jammer

WF-DJ7 is a Painting Smart Signal Jammer.WF-DJ7 is designed mainly used for indoor cellphone signal detection and shielding, such as meeting rooms,border control units, Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement, Customs, Houses, Churches, Courts,...
Main Item RF Bomb Jammer
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BQX-7B smart phone signal detection Jamming Device

Features Mobile detection plus jamming passive screen, high-end mural appearance design Directional high gain built-in antenna; long-distance remote control switch Computer can sets the power Can be more than one wired connection to the central...
Main Item Portable Drone Jammer system, IED (improvised explosive device) Jammer --Human Presence Detector --Walkthrough cell phone detecor , Audio/Vedio recorder jammers, Wireless bug detectors
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Mobile Signal Jammer/portable signal jammer

Pantagone Satellite provide good practical jammer to limit the effectiveness and detect Radio signal or mobile phone signal . This mobile phone signal jammer will stop signals on the GSM, DCS, and 3G bands without interrupting any other electronic...
Main Item RF Antenna, RF Coaxial Connectors, RF Cable, RF Cable Assembly, USB Data Card
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High Performance Reactive DDS UHF,VHF Jammer

RFD-05-W is high performance reactive UHF, VHF band jammer designed for outdoor use. RFD-05-W can generate very high density spectrum to jam all remote control signals. Especially for Walkie-Talkie DTMF signal. RFD-05-W scans a frequency range to...
Main Item Spy mini camera, Jammer, Blocker, Surveillance
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All Cell Phone Signal Detector

The product that you are viewing is the All Cell Phone Signal Detector, which owns the ability of detecting the cell phone signals of CDMA(824-849MHz), GSM(890-915MHz), DCS(1710-1785MHz), and PCS/3G(1920-1980MHz) all over the world. This signal...
Main Item Jammer
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Military RF Signal Detector:iS-007

Military RF Signal Detector:iS-007 Specifications 1. High sensitivity, scope adjustable 2.A large range of detecting frequency 20-6000 MHz 1. Introduction Military RF Signal Detector iS-007 is the small wide band wireless detecting equipment,...
Main Item Signal Jammer/Shield/Isolator/Blocker for 3G/2G Mobile Phone, Signal Repeater
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DS-G551 SiRF Star V GPS/GLONASS/Galileo GPS module

Features: SiRF Star V ultra low power chipset GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and SBAS reception for high GNSS availability and accuracy Compact module size for easy integration : 15 x 14 x 2.8 mm Fully utilized SS5 upgrade features The DS-G551 GPS module is...
Main Item GPS module, GPS Engine Board, GSM Module, GPS / GSM Antenna, GPS Mouse , GPS Devices, GPS Systems, GPS Receiver, Bluetooth Module, car tracking, AVL, Security system, GPS antenna, GSM antenna, OEM/ODM, 4G LTE module, 4G LTE antenna, 3G module, 3G Antenna
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drone jammer counter protection | anti uav

Working Principle The system will firstly automatic search, discovery, identification and direction positioning to the illegal intrusion of drone by the radio detection and measurement subsystem, while starting the photoelectric detection tracking...
Main Item UAVs-defender sytem, IED (improvised explosive device), Human presence, movement, heartbeat system, Entrance cell phone detecor, Audio/Vedio recorder jammers
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SiRF V GPS antenna module Ct-G353 GPS receiver module

The Ct-G353 utilized SiRFstarV ™ and features Quad-GNSS for tracking GPS, GLONASS, BDS and Galileo satellites. The product family delivers highly accurate continuous location, advanced power management and high interference immunity. These continue...
Main Item "GPS module, GPS Engine Board, GSM Module, GPS / GSM Antenna, Bluetooth GPS Receiver, GPS Mouse , GPS Devices, GPS Systems, GPS Receiver, GPS Bluetooth , GPS Bluetooth Receiver, car tracking, AVL, Security system, GPS antenna, GSM antenna
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gsm lcd alarm home gsm alarm

The advantages of the GSM Alarm System 1)Two-way Voice communication or wiretap are available; 2)LCD displays the entire setup menu; 3)Armed, Partial Armed(At House or Stay), Disarmed, SOS are available; 4)Armed delay, alarm delay, siren work or...
Main Item home security alarm, wireless burglar alarm system
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Bomb Jammer

The IED/Bomb Jammer block frequency which can be used for ignition of IEDs or bombs. Our technology uses MM (Multi Modules) for JBNC (Jam Bomb Nonjam Communication). Necessary communication frequency will be reserved for communication even IED/Bomb...
United States
Main Item Bomb jammer, IED Detector, Rubber, Bomb detector, CTP, Electric callus remover
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GSM1900 Band Selective Intelligent Repeater

*High gain, easy installation and operation. *Use ALC and AGC technology, adjust extent automatically. *LED Light Working & Signal Condition Indicators. *Dependability stand by GB6993-86 standard. *Compatibility of electromagnetism according with...
Main Item repeater/antennas/ jammer
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Super Sleuth Camera Detector

Various effective measures for counter investigation: Option A: intense red laser lights to expose all kinds of hidden cameras both wired and wireless. Option B: wireless detection to expose wireless covert equipments including wireless camera,...
Main Item spy gadgets, security products, digital voice recorder, baby monitor, GPS
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Pockeet-sized Bomb Detector

Introduction:Using LPL S-IPS panel, colourful, clear sharp images, image permeability, dark rich details, highlighting some of the better performance. Details: ES-4PD Pocket-sized detector Function: This model is a pocket-sized, hand held device...
Main Item signal jammer, rf jammer, bomb jammer, satellite tv jammer, drug detector, explosive detector, bomb detector, vehicle mounted jammer
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