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Clinical Semi-auto BiochemistrClinical Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer/Semi Auto Chemistry Analyzer

Clinical Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer/Semi Auto Chemistry Analyzer : HL-800A is a semi-automatic biochemical analyzer, using imported concave Holographic grating as dispersive elements.Adopting grating monochromator invention patent...
Main Item hematology analyzer, biochemistry analyzer, blood coagulation analyzer
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YJ-S5 Semi-auto Laboratory Clinical Biochemistry Analyzer

YJ-S5 Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer Features: 1.Back spectro photometry 2.8 standard filters 3.Large LCD, built-in thermal printer 4.Sold in the market for over 16 years, stable performance Performance: 1.Back spectro photometry, 8 hard membrane...
Main Item Ultrasound;Anesthesia;X Ray;Biochemistry;Hematology
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CNC-700 Semi-Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

CHARACTERISTICS *Absolutely open system both for programming and reagent *Real time curve monitoring, Reaction graph printable *On board quality control, 3 types of control, QC results stored for 3 months, QC plot printable *Self calibration and...
Main Item Centrifuges, PRP Tubes & PRP Kits, Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer, Coagulation Cuvettes, Prepared Slides
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HF-800B Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer

HF-800B is a semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer, using imported concave holographic grating asdispersive elements. Adopting grating monochromator invention patent technology, it is specially designed for medium and small-sized hospitals and...
Main Item Biochemical Analyzer, Blood Coagulation Analyzer, Blood Cell Analyzer
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Sunostik Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer SBA-733+

Measuring Mode: Kinetics, End point, Fixed time, Differential, Absorbance, Multi-standard Light source: 6v/10w Halogen Lamp, life Span>3000 hours Standard filter: 340nm, 405nm, 505nm, 546nm, 578nm,620nm, 670nm and one free position. Band width:
Main Item Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
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semi-auto biochemistry analyzer

semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer ,touch LCD screen, 7 wavelength from poweam medical systems 7 filters,8 filter position,ISO,CE approval WHY6000D ISO,CE
Main Item medical equipment
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Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer

WP21F Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer WP21F Semi-auto Chemistry Analyzer ·Easy-to-operate ·Reaction curve displayed ·Wavelength: 340-800nm ·Optional bar code reader ·No limit for sample storage Technical Specification Method · Kinetic, End-point,...
Main Item Medical Equipment
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Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzers DT-380

Theory: Absorption Spectrometry, Transmission Turbidimetry Tes Speed:450/Test/Hour(without ISE) Reagent Tray:70 positions Sample Plate: 70 sample position Reaction Time:About 10 minutes Reaction Plate:90 Reaction Plate:UV plastic cup Washing...
Main Item UrineAnalyzer, Auto Hematology Analyzer, chemistry analyzer
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CARELAB® Biochemistry Analyzer

We CAREWELL are well known manufacturer, exporter, distributor & supplier of CARELAB- Bio-Chemistry Analyzers. CARELAB-200 Bio-chemistry Analyzers has in-built longlife 6 / 8 filters and based on open programme platform. User can programme up to 96...
Main Item Medical Equipments
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Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer A-6

Assay types: “End-point”, “Nephelometery”, “Multi-standards”, “Kinetic”, “Two-point”, “Enzymatic standard”, “Absorbency”, “Sample blank”, “Double wavelength”. Factor counting automatically. Wavelength range : 330-800nm ;...
Main Item Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer, Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer, Electrolyte Analyzer, Coagulometer, Urine Analyzer,
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Biochemistry Analyzer

MS-500A Clinical equipment 1.semi-auto analyzer 2.3-part differeniation of WBC 3.holographic grating, 1200 lines/mm 1) Advanced holographic grating, high sensitive detecting system 2) Continuous wavelength 3) Easy-to-use operation program 4)...
Main Item hematology anayzer and biochemistry analyzer
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Semi-Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

Technical Specification: Wavelength Scope: 340nm-900nm 340, 405, 510, 546, 578, 630nm(filters can be added or selected according to user"s need) Wavelength Precision: +/-1nm Light path: 1cm Light Source: Halogen tungsten lamp 12V, 20W Linear Range:...
Main Item clinical analyzers
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Lab Device Biochemisty Analyzer PUS-2018G

Biochemistry Analyzer(PUS-2018G ) hot sale Biochemistry Analyzer(PUS-2018G ) is one of the clinical laboratory devices . The biochemistry analyzer is semi-auto biochemistry analyzer. The brand of this biochemistry analyzer is Perlong. Features of...
Main Item Clinical Laboratory Equipment, X-ray machine, Blood analyzer
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Biochemistry analyzer

1. Wavelength: 340、405、505、540、580、620、690、850nm 2. Wavelength accuracy: ±3nm 3. Stray light: ?0.5% (or Absorbency? 2.3) 4. Stability: ?0.005Abs/20min 5. Temperature control: 37℃, or 30℃, or 25℃ or room temperature 6. Absorbency linearity: a...
Main Item biochemistry analyzer, spetrophotometer, hematolgogy, coagulation, ELISA, washer, chromatogram, urine anlyzer,
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Semi-automatic biochemical analyzer (grating type)

Taking IPC to drive concave grating, it has tunable wavelength, small error, high optical performance and long life. It supports full Chinese operations, comprehensive report in Chinese, manual entering of other measurements and their printing. It...
Main Item Blood analyzer, Biochemistry analyzer, Coagulation analyzer, etc
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