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Sichuan chili sauce eat with noodle,steam bun,rice and as dipping sauce

Product name:280g Cumin Flavour sauce eat with noodle,rice,steam bun Usage: Can be eat directly,eat with rice,noodles,steamed bun,or as the dipping sauce ,dishes. Package: Glass bottle, the outer packing is carton. Style: Stir- Frying Packing...
Main Item broad bean sauce with chili oil, black bean sauce, less salt broad bean sauce
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Pickled brown seaweed stem and Nozawana (Frozen) Pickled brown seaweed stem and Nozawana (Frozen) Pickled brown seaweed stem and Nozawana (Frozen) Pickled brown seaweed stem and Nozawana (Frozen) Pickled brown seaweed stem and Nozawana (Frozen)

Pickled brown seaweed stem and Nozawana (Frozen)

Nozawana and seaweed pickles with soy sauce flavor The storage method is frozen, but it is thawed before use. We use Japanese wakame seaweed and Nozawana. We make them and carrots into soy sauce-flavored pickles.This product is very good for sushi...
1YR YES Gold YES Gold
Main Item Salmon flake
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MIMIDO Chicken hot Sauce Onion with Chicken Soup Sauce

7.1 MIMIDO Onion with Chicken Soup Sauce s: It is manufactured with the chicken soup as the main raw material ( These is 10% chicken soup in the ingredients).It has strong fragrance and scallion flavour, It is suitable to eat together with steamed...
Main Item chicken bouillon cube, granulated chicken bouillon, beef seasoning powder, mushroom seasoning powder
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Sauce for Noodles Instant Food

Sauce for Noodles Instant Food Ingredients: Vegetable oil, pickled mustard tuber, broad bean sauce, sweet sauce for noodle, brewing soy sauce, soybean, ginger, garlic, bean sprouts, MSG,food additives( Disodium 5’ribonucleotide, sodium...
Main Item Seasoning/Condiment/Sauce/Food
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With FDA ISO spicy condiment for noodle and steamed bun, spicy sauce in aluminized bag

Brands Liji Lebao Product name Spicy seaning for noodle and steamed bun Product tpye Condiment Place of origin Mei shan ,Sichuan, China Net wt. 250g Shelf life 15mouths Storage conditions In the shade sealed How to eat Eat with noodles and rice...
Main Item condiment
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North Korean Style(Cold noodles with hot sauce)

Product InformationAs a Bibim Naengmyeon (mixed cold noodles) for five people, it is made based on know-how unique to Chilkab with mixing sauce for easy cooking without additional work. Main ingredients:Noodles - flour (wheat: from Australia and...
Main Item CHILKAB Buckwheat Noodle
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Hansan Ramie Rice Noodle

It contains alkaline ramie which is rich in dietary fiber and calcium and also has rice mixed with Chunggukjang which is not smelly and is good for health. It is a well-being food which is not fried and is seasoned with anchovy sauce. You can it in...
Main Item Cheonggukjang
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Nittin udon noodle

1)Features and Culture Udon noodle is one of the most representative noodles in Japanese.Eating udon noodle is at random,you can stir or saute,even make to the soup. Japanese prefer to eat cool noodles in summer.It’s up to you to stir or dip it due...
Main Item udon noodles, chicken flavor, (chicken, beef, pork)bone soup powder
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Haomo sauce

HAOMO sauce has been selected and developed since three years with repeated test and feedbacks of market and customers. Offering directly eating or cooking, it is named unique around the markets. HAOMO sauce is organic .It does not contain any...
Main Item Haomo sauce
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Rabiqueen Tteokbokki

[] · Quick and easy to make - After 7 minutes, you can get deep-flavored tteokbokki ready. · Rabiqueen Chu-eat tteokbokki has a top quality system in production that has accumulated over 20 years . - It is produced by a company that specializes in...
Main Item RABIQUEEN tteokbokki, korea food
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Zhongjing Hot Spicy Mushroom Sauce

1.Product Information Product Name: Zhongjing mushroom sauce Origin: Henan province, Nanyang city, Xixia country Ingredients: Xixia mushrooms, soybean oil, bean paste, pepper, sesame seeds, natural spices, salt, monosodium glutamate Net weight:...
Main Item mushroom sauce
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Dongchimi is usally made in a couple of weeks before KimJang(making Kimchi for the winter). The point of the tastes of Dongchimi is the taste of its cold juice. More radishes with leaf-mustards, fermented hot peppers, and the roots of green onions...
Main Item Poggi kimchi
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Angkor Wat tour 2 days

Asia and specially Indochina are full of different things to experience, from visiting temples and pagodas to the enchanting colonial building and to the natural wonders that listed under the UNESCO heritage site. This article is dedicated to the...
Main Item Tours and travel services
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The acorn(Quercus mongolica), oak's fruit, takes the form of the silkworm cocoon, therefore calls the chestnut the cocoon. Acorn semblance hard shell, brown red, in the kernel like shelled peanut, the oak seeds include the rich starch, the content...
Main Item acorn, bracken, nut, day lily
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