Wanted: thermopile sensor

May 26, 2020
MTP-10-B7F55 Thermopile Sensor Specification: MEMS Thermopile Element TO-46 Package High Sensitivity 5.5 μm LWP Filter High Accuracy NTC Applications: Non-contact Temperature Measurements,Forehead Thermometers,Ear Thermometers, Continuous...

Wanted: Request for Quote

Feb 3, 2020
Dear Sir, Kindly give us your best quote for the materials below for urgent supply to our client TOTAL UPSTREAM NIGERIA LIMITED: 1) COMPLETE PRESSURE GAUGE CASE MATERIAL : 316L ELEMENT MATERIAL : MONEL CASE : 100 MM SCALE : 0-25 BAR BOTTOM FITTING...

Wanted: Solar products

Jan 11, 2020
I need solar supporting devices, solar lamps, garden lights, solar panel mounting rack, solar street light integrated fittings solar motion and dust2dawn sensor lamps and other solar fittings

Wanted: Buyer Medical devices and Equipments

Aug 9, 2019
Dear Sirs, We are interested in the following: 1. Utrasonic Sensors Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors Ultrasonic 2 Point Proximity Switches. Ultrasonic Retro-reflective Sensors. Ultrasonic Through Beam Sensors. 2. Utrasound Cardiovascular Utrasound...

Wanted: measuring Carbon steel surface flatness,

May 23, 2019
Industry: Steel Application: Carbon steel surface flatness, need to measure the surface distance of the sensor to carbon steel Requirements: 3-5m range, accuracy 1-2mm, output 4-20mA, frequency 10Hz

Wanted: Buy automation products

Apr 18, 2017
I am looking for industrial automation products suppliers,who has sensor, encoder, safety barrier, frequency converter, electromagnetic valve, instruments,meters and other industrial automation products.

Wanted: Buy GBM Sensors

Feb 20, 2017
We need to buy some GBM sensors for workshop mainternance. Quantity : 01 for each type. Pressure gauging PT201H-G10K Thermal GD-20T GDP-20R GDP-20T PT100

Wanted: Slim LED lights with 12V power

Sep 18, 2015
L051 Aluminum anodizing silver housing Touch sensor /PIR sensor 12 Voltage

Wanted: To purchase Ultrasonic sensor

Aug 31, 2015
Specifications are as below. Center Frequency is 40.0±1.0Khz Echo Sensitivity is more than 200mV Decay Time is less than 1.2ms -6dB Directivity(Horizontal Angle)is 65~85 degree -6dB Directivity(Vertical Angle) is 45 degree or less than Detecting...

Wanted: National OilWell Varco MD Totco instruments sensors

Aug 7, 2015
Feel free reach me with info (at)pmztechnology(doc)com MD TOTCO® Divison of VARCO®, we sell series of MD TOTCO spares including: infrared sensors, rotary torque sensor, sensors, tension sensors, torque sensor, velocity sensors etc. MD TOTCO...

Wanted: wholesaler/ manufacturer of wireless video baby/infant monitor with movement sensor pad

Jul 24, 2014
Description: Analog audio baby monitor Modulation mode FM Frequency: 863.3MHZ, 863.4MHZ, 863.5MHZ, 863.6MHZ; 863.7MHZ, 863.8MHZ, 863.9MHZ, 864.0MHZ" Channel: 8 Channel selection automatic: NO Current: TX70mA;RX150mA Baby unit Power: 10dBm Baby unit...

Wanted: solar lamps related

May 24, 2014
Bright mode + Dark mode Body infrared ray sensor (motion sensor) Auto day/night sensor. please visit our website for more information

Wanted: Pressure Sensor 02529583001Pressure Sensor

May 10, 2014
Pressure Sensor 02529583001Pressure Sensor Pressure Sensor 02529583001Pressure Sensor Pressure Sensor 02529583001Pressure Sensor Pressure Sensor 02529583001Pressure Sensor

Wanted: Looking for silicon wafer with blue tape

Mar 26, 2014
Dear all: We are looking for blue tape wafer with ink die for Nand flash or Cmos Image sensor,we need big quantity with very Attractive price. If you got any related goods or supplying information,we are pleasure to buy or give commission to...

Wanted: Suspension Yaw Sensor

Mar 25, 2014
Good day, and thank you very much for your kind attention ! This is Ms. Summer from Taiwan MIT Auto Tech. Co., Ltd. Following are the wanted parts of which we are in regular need : Suspension Yaw Sensor : OE : 89180-47010 Car Type : Toyota Prius...

Wanted: pressure sensor of air compressor

Jun 19, 2012
pls send me detail information about the pressure sensor.price and delivery time .thank you!

Wanted: robotic servo

Jun 1, 2012
BJROBOT is one of professional robotics company in Beijing of China. We are interested in all kind of robotics parts or kits in worldwide, like educational robot, humanoid robot, etc. Meanwhile, we own the R&D.Now we are building new robot and...

Wanted: Purchase for JOOKANG ROBOTECH Cylinder

May 28, 2012
Hello, We need to buy JOOKANG ROBOTECH sensor and Cylinder on below basis for our domestic customers . Pls kindly contact us if you can supply the following items: JRT Quantity required JRNT-R-3M 10pcs AF26-40C-RS 1pc AF02-15A 2pcs Pls kindly send...