Electric Rotisserie Oven

Mar 20, 2023
Heavy duty rotisserie grill machine for to cook 20 chickens. It has 4 spits. It operates with electric. chicken, ducks, swans, turkey, ribs and lambs could be roasted and grilled. large pan available to collect drippings from chicken. safety wire...
Main Item gas ovens, combi ovens, commercial conveyor ovens, restaurant equipments, dough machines, bakery ovens, commercial kitchen equipments, food lines
Business Type Manufacturer

Chicken Grill Oven

Mar 3, 2023
This is gas rotisserie grill oven for roasting of chickens. 35 chickens could be roasted per cycle. It operates with propane gas or natural gas. fine asthetics features by covering of side hinges. big pan is available for collection of drippings....
Main Item restaurant equipment
Business Type Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer

Electric Rotisserie Grill

Mar 23, 2023
Electrical rotisserie chicken grill machine for 30 birds capacity. Advanced Technology – Our patent pending heat source consistently delivers a superior product while being energy efficient. User Friendly Design – Simple manual controls, a large...
Main Item restaurant equipments, bakery equipments, snacks equipments, fast food equipments, catering equipments
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Rotisserie Grill Machine

Mar 28, 2023
* Controls with intelligent settings • 2 50 programs with up to 9 cook stages per program • Easy-to-use: automatic cleaning • No door seals that need frequent replacement • Efficient heat transfer reduces energy consumption • Cook correction saves...
Main Item toasters, ovens, pizza ovens, commercial pizza ovens, food mixers, dough mixers
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30 inch Free Standing Gas Cooker with Oven

Feb 4, 2015
*SUS cook top and white body *Cook top 4 gas 1 electric *Full safety *Glass cover *Enameled grates *Mechanical timer *Push button ignition *Oven lamp *Rotisserie *1 grilling rack *1 baking tray *Thermostat *Gas oven *Electric grill *Auto-sliding...
Main Item ovens
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20Liter Toaster Oven

Aug 7, 2015
-20 Liters toaster oven -Multifuctions:7functions Baking/Grilling/Toasting/ Roasting/ Rotisserie -Grilling/ Convection Cooking/Convection & Rotisserie -60 Mins timer with bell ring -4 Pcs stainless steel heating elements -120-240V/50-60hz/1380W...
Main Item toaster oven
Business Type Manufacturer

Gas oven

Nov 21, 2014
MHO-4051S 100cm x 60cm with 5 top burner (1 big and 4 medium) Motorized Built-in rotisserie 1 set Separated grill burner Oven pan Mesh Gas sutomatic cut-off safety device for oven and grill burner Oven thermostat Aluminum control knobs Styainless...
Main Item Pex-pipe , gas oven, refrigerator
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sell grill

Jun 9, 2007
Our Factory specializes in manufacturing popular Stainless Steel Rotogrill(1 model)since 1990. Stainless Steel Rotogrills is an all-in-one rotisserie and shish kabob that fits inside your oven or on your barbeque. Functions: 1: Practical,...
Main Item Crazy Fit Massager, Water Bird, Folding A-bike
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