Tree-colored Ricewine Cake

It contains the natural colors and tastes of mulberry leaves, turmerics, and purple sweet potatoes. The effectes of murberry leaves : Calcium, iron, blood cleaning, glycaemic control, antioxidation, fiber, alanine, aspartic acid, detox, etc. The...
Main Item Rice Cake
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RICEWINE Moisture Cleanser_facial cleanser products made in South Korea

* RICEWINE Moisture Cleanser Fermented yeast saccharomyces which was found in the brewery makes tired skin soft and moist, helping it to maintain clean skin every day. A mochi bubble gives moisture, and since it is a less acid cleanser, it can be...
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Maccole Skin As Rice Wine Soft Powder Toner and 4 others

IntroductionAs a multifunctional toner, this product consists of a moisturized toner that contains unrefined ricewine extracts and sebum adhesion powder. Shake the product and mix the toner and the powderto provide an effective moisturizing effect...
Main Item Maccole Skin As Rice Wine Soft Powder Toner and 4 others
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Precision water filter,precision filter,stainless steel precision filter,RO Security Filter

Feture: 1. Material: SUS304 316L stainless steel 2.Multi choice for the precision of 0.5Us,1us,5us,10us as per the actual condition. 3. Effectively remove the suspensions and iron rust; 4. Endurable for high filtering pressure; 5. Special mesh...
Main Item dissolved air flotation, oil water separator, mechanical bar screen, acid mist absorber, spray tower scrubber, MBR sewage treatment plant, Marine compact domestic sewage treatment plant, Domestic sewage treatment plant, sedimentation tank
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