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Laboratory Anesthesia Machine/ Research Anesthesia Machine/ Rodent Anesthesia/ Rat Anesthesia/ Guine

1. Key features of laboratrory anesthesia machine Excellence of active evacuation for waste anesthesia gas Switchable between incubation anesthesia and cone anesthesia Incubation box: High air tightness and transparent material Swithchable from...
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Veterinary Anesthesia Machine with Vaporizer and Trolley for animals of 1-100kgs

1. Animals: 1-100kgs; Rats, Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Pigs, Monkeys etc. 2. Respiration modes: Passive Breathing, Active Breathing ( Cycle Breathing Circuit - Airbag) Active Breathing (Open Breathing Circuit- Rodents) Active Breathing (Cycle Breathing...
Main Item Veterinary Anesthesia
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MesoQMR Small Animal Body Composition Analysis and Bench-top MRI Imaging System

As a desktop NMR analyzer, MesoQMR are available for awake animal body composition analysis and imaging, measuring body composition such as fat, lean, free water for live mice, rats, and other animals non-destructively and rapidly. This NMRI...
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