Wanted: buy quartz mine

Apr 22, 2023
We would like to buy the following mines worldwide. uranium mine, manganese mine, chromium mine, titanium mine, tungsten mine, molybdenum mine, platinum group metals, silver Ore, niobium mine, tantalum mine, beryllium mine, lithium mine, zirconium...

Wanted: Quartz ore

Mar 29, 2023
We request to buy Quartz ore, Quartz in 99.95% or above. Serious seller, pls send us your offer.

Wanted: buying all kinds of off-grade / B-grade / C-grade / used solar module

Nov 19, 2022
we frequently buy broken solar cell, B-grade solar cell, film IC wafer , broken IC wafer, IC pot scrap without any quartz, off-grade / B-grade / C-grade / used solar module/ solar pannel this moment. Any offer , pls solarsun at 163 dot com


Nov 17, 2022
We are looking for silica sand ( quartz) for glass and glass for solar Origin: Asia only Try order 100mt IF you can , please send specification and CIF NINGBO PORT , CHINA Payment CAD, DP DL/C

Wanted: Urgently Buy Quartz

Oct 9, 2017
I have serious Chinese buyer who wants to buy quartz,welcome reliable seller to contact me asap,Original:Brazil or other countries,buyer prefers Brazil original;Quantity:First trial order will be about two hundred MT(200MT),Quantity will be raised...

Wanted: Required Quartz Glass Plate

Jul 25, 2016
Against our buyers initial enquiry ( as detailed below ) for Quartz clear glass plate, transmission 90%, in the size of 1.5 m x 1.5 m, thickness from 2 to 4 mm. for 15 pcs initially, most manufacturers were hesitant to quote, and the few quoted...

Wanted: sand paper for wood

Jul 10, 2015
sand paper for wood: it is based on paper and with different grit. it,s the product for grinding the surface such as wood, bamboo that make them smooth,bright and clean. Specification: 1.Dimensions:230*280mm 2.Material:quartz/aluminum...

Wanted: Buy rough stone

Jul 3, 2013
We are semiprecious items factory in China. We are interested in all good quality semiprecious rough,like: Rose Quartz,Rock Crystal,Amethyst,Cintrine,Amazonite,Rhodochrosite,Aquamarine,Blue Lace Agate,Grey Agate,Tiger Eye....all these...

Wanted: buy quartz stone

Mar 2, 2013
we want buy quartz stone as raw material to produce high purity quartz sand, the impurity should less than 40ppm, and OH should less than 500ppm

Wanted: buying second-hand land gravity meter CG-3

Mar 20, 2012
CG-5 SPECIFICATIONS Sensor Type: Fused Quartz using electrostatic nulling Reading Resolution: 1 microGal Standard Field Repeatability:

Wanted: Quartz Crystal

Oct 17, 2011
China need to buy large quantity of Quartz Crystal Required amount is large, quantity is little not faze .Please send picture to my postbox

Wanted: We want to buy Quartz Grit

Apr 18, 2011
Dear value customers, First of all, we would like to introduce we are Style Stone Joint Stock Company in Hanoi City,Vietnam We are one of the biggest manufacturer for producing compound stones (engineered stone ) in Asia. For producing a wide range...

Wanted: buy quartz sand

Sep 15, 2010
We are Taiyuan Guangyu Imp. & Exp. Corporation. we need quartz sand nowsdays. Pls contact us ASAP if your company sell the products. We'd like to have your lowest quotation,CIF Tianjin

Wanted: Quartz Stone

Mar 27, 2010
Mixed with many modern technologies and unique ingredients, Engineering Series makes itself distinguished with its excellent compressive strength, resistance to deep abrasion, surface hardness, color stability, and exceptional weatherability. It...

Wanted: Quartz sand filter

Jan 7, 2010
Quartz sand filter material to the local natural quartz ore as raw material, by mechanical crushing, screening, distribution of refined by-stage pipeline. The product as a result of relatively strong material with a relatively stable physical and...

Wanted: Needs raw Quartz boulders

Jul 8, 2009
Ni hao, My client needs raw Quartz boulders. Quarry must be Chinese ONLY. Sellers from other countries - please do not contact. It needs to be first hand (that means from the quarry / mine). Content of Sio2 - 99.0% (min) Content of Fe2o3 - 0.05%...

Wanted: Malachite, Rose quartz and Garnet

Aug 29, 2008
We are looking for good quality Malachite, Rose quartz and Mozambique garnet in bulk quantity. We welcome all bulk dealers/miners/wholesalers to put forward their best offers with contact details for inspections of goods. thanks and best wishes,...

Wanted: K-Feldspar, kaolin, Ball clay, Quartz.bone ash

Aug 25, 2008
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a trading company in Korea for korean chinaware and sanitary ware manufactures. We looking for the K-feldspar and Washed Kaolin, kaolin Ore, Ball Clay, Quartz chip or powder and bone...


Jun 16, 2008
Dear sir, We do have the requirement of the following lamps, we request you to let us know if you can supply these lamps on a regular basis. 1. Mercury vapour lamp, quartz, 200 watts per inch, arc length 30 inches. - - 4 nos 2. mercury vapour...

Wanted: rock crystal

Feb 18, 2008
we need the rock crystal (quartz ) , it must be transparent and bulk. please contact us ,thanks