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Puncture Force Tester CCY-02

Puncture force tester CCY-02 is applied to test various kinds of materials such as thin film, composite film, battery separator, artificial skin, medicine packaging rubber plug, combination cover, oral liquid cover and other materials. Widely used...
Main Item Packaging inspection instrument, packageing tester
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Tablet compression force tester Tablet compression force tester

Tablet compression force tester

Tablet compression force tester for puncture force and displacement measurement of materials like polymer, rubber, wrapping film, paper, etc. It could be modified with other fixtures for other similar force test. . Tablet compression force tester...
Main Item Packaging Test, testing instruments
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RT-416 Cardboard puncture strength tester

Equipment Overview: Cardboard puncture strength tester is a corrugated board corrugated board anti-expose performance (both expose strength) determination of special instruments. Fast compaction, operating handle automatically reset and reliable...
Main Item Universal testing machine, rubber testing machine, environmental testing machine
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Properdex Hoof Tester - Chrome Vanadium Steel - Silver Properdex Hoof Tester - Chrome Vanadium Steel - Silver Properdex Hoof Tester - Chrome Vanadium Steel - Silver

Properdex Hoof Tester - Chrome Vanadium Steel - Silver

A rounded-shaped hoof tester is used to identify sore spots or painful areas on a horse's hoof. This instrument used by farriers and veterinarians is considered an appropriate and proper tool for testing instead of evaluating the hoof with a...
Main Item Farrier Tools
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Carton Puncture Tester

Carton Puncture Tester The tester is used to test the anti-puncture strength of corrugated fiberboard. It conforms to the standards of ISO3036 and GB2679•7. It is widely used and it is also the basic test instrument in paper, cardboard, box-making,...
Main Item 9024800000
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DRK104B Electronic Cardboard Puncture Tester

Test the corrugated cardboard's performance of anti-puncture. This tester measures the energy required to puncture container board or corrugated board with a pyramidal point affixed to a pendulum arm ,it can meet ISO 3036 . The test principle...
Main Item orbital hydraulic motor, geroter, geroler
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TP140 Board Puncture Strength Tester

Board Puncture Strength Tester.Equipped with touch LCD screen. Computer Monitoring and Control, anti-puncture performance of corrugated board (ie, puncture strength) determination and specialty packaging testing instruments, with a wide range of...
Main Item testing equipment
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Puncture Resistance Tester

This Puncture Resistance Tester is used for testing the puncture resistance strength in all types of corrugated cardboard. Specification: Power supply:AC220V 10%, 2A, 50Hz Measuring range: 1-48J2. Resistance of friction sleeves:
Main Item tester, testing equipment, testing machine, lab equipment, laboratory equipment, laboratory machine, lab machinery
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XLW-B Adhesive Bonds Tensile Strength Tester

XLW-B Adhesive Bonds Tensile Strength Tester The XLW-B Adhesive Bonds Tensile Strength Tester is suitable for testing the peel force, heat seal strength, tearing resistance, deformation, puncture resistance, open force, low speed unwinding force of...
Main Item packaging testing equipment, permeability testing equipment, tensile testing machine, package leak tester
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Super high frequency mica sheet capacitors for welding machine

High Frequency Mica Capacitor (For Induction Heater) Brief Introduction This capacitor is silver-layer coating, can used at high frequency 1KHz~1MHz and big current 200A. Operating Temperature: 0℃~50℃ Relative Humidity: 35%~70% Suit Equipment:...
Main Item mica capacitor, tantalum capacitor, multilayer ceramic capacitor, super capacitor
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Helmet penetration tester

PV module testing Machine/Wet leakage current testing machine /Leakage testing machine for IEC61215 the newest standard Users Measuring detect whether rain, fog, dew or snow melt moisture can entering the the internal circuit of module ,to prevent...
Main Item Spray cooling project
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HRIIJ Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength Tester(Oil Tester), Gas Chromatographic Analyzer

They are portable and of the latest designs; they fully overcome the shortcoming that the intergraded oil tester is easily obstructed by the puncture. Automatic operation enables the stirring, stewing time automatically set and so does the print...
Main Item Testing high-voltage electric power transmission equipment
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XLW(EC) Auto Tensile Tester

XLW (EC) Auto Tensile Tester can be used to measure tensile, peeling, deformation, tearing, heat sealing, adhesive, puncture force, opening force and low-speed unwrapping force as well as other performance of plastic films, composite materials,...
Main Item Material Testing Instruments
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JQ-8550 Electric tensile tester

JQ-8550 Electric tensile tester Apply to all kinds of material in the measurement of tensile, compression, bending, cutting, tear, peel, puncture states mechanical performance and relevant physical parameters. Feature : 1. Blue LCD display,...
Main Item testing machine
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Automatic Scratch Tester For Coating Hardness Test

Coating function has three aspects: protection, decoration, and hide the defects of products, and the three main functions have a lot to do with paint hardness, paint film hardness is said that is one of the important properties of mechanical...
Main Item Anti static/antistatic Brush, Ionizer air bar/ionizing air bar, Color matching light box, Printing Doctor blade, Pneumatic diaphragm pump
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i-MEDITEK 1300 Medical Packaging Tester

i-MEDITEK 1300 Medical Packaging Tester,can be used with our advanced Online Data Management System for packaging testing, which comes with two versions to meet distinct needs of our clients: The Cloud Version & The Intranet Version 1.Better than...
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Main Item Laboratory Testing Equipment
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LA50 Safety Helmet Impact Tester

Safety Helmet Impact Tester is used to test the impact resistance of Safety Helmet of Building and Coal industries. This tester is widely used for manufacture, research and testing industry of Safety Helmet. To test the impact resistance, put the...
Main Item package, paper making, printing fiele test instruments
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XH-011 Computer servo control Tensile Tester

XH-011 Computer servo control Tensile Tester Function This tensile tester is used for mechanical performance testing,analysis and research to various kinds of metal ,non-metal and composite materials,which can be widely applied in...
Main Item two roll mill
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Impact Pendulum Tester

BESTIPT Series of Impact pendulum testers are classified according to scanning and indicating way.(Analog/Digital). As they are upgraded model to minimize their friction loss, the series offer more correct and reliable results. They are applied to...
Main Item SSAUL secured special know-how of special test equipment of university and research institute with Consumable part of Polishing, Cutting, Mounting and equipment and microscope, image analyzer and so on via equipment design and correction repletion
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GW-049B Safety footwear compression testing machien

This Machine is used to test the compression of safety footwear and puncture resistance of shoe sole, the instrument will automatically retain test values. Standard for: GB/T20991-2007 5.5,ISO EN 20344:2004. Technical specification: Test speed:...
Main Item Testing equipment
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