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Premium Quality Golden Seller Basmati Rice

We can offer large quantity of Golden Sella Basmati Rice Basmati - Golden Sella Basmati Rice Specification Moisture: 13% max. Broken :1% (maximum) on the basis of 2/3 Foreign Matter: 0.25% (maximum) Goldenness: 38-40 KETT Paddy Grains: Nill Red...
Main Item Refined white sugar, Red Lentils, Refined Sunflower Oil, Yellow Corn, Almond Nuts, Jute Bags, Rice
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1121 Golden Sella

WE PLEASE TO OFFER TO SUPPLY 1121 GOLDEN SELLA BASMATI RICE. WE CAN SUPPLY ANY QUANTITY (MIN ONE CONTAINER). Our Basmati specialty 1 Rich nutritional content 2 Clean and refined structure Long grade 3 Appetizing taste 4 Highly aromatic 5 Contains...
Main Item Agricuture
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