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HS3103 Portable Single Phase Energy Meter Test Equipment

Output voltage and current distortion not larger than 0.3%(if it is a linear load) The variation of pre-set output power within 180S will not exceed 0.02% compared with the measurement range Number of harmonic wave: 2-31 Content of harmonic wave:...
Main Item Energy Meter Test Equipment, KWH Meter, Power Meter, Watt-hour Meter
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Automatic Transformer Test System Console

General Information: A complete line of Transformer Test Systems, from a small portable unit with a rating of 5kVA to power transformer Testing Systems capable of testing transformers with very high voltage and power ratings can be supplied. The...
Main Item High Voltage Test Machine, ACDC Hipot Test Set, Transformer
Business Type Manufacturer, Agent