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Polyimide Epoxy Adhesive Tape with Release Liner

Polyimide Epoxy Adhesive Tape with Release Liner The tape is made of Polyimide film with imported hi-temp resistant epoxy adhesive and coated with release paper, which shows excellent properties as hi-temp resistant, electrical insulation, Chemical...
Main Item insulation materials such as Kapton, Polyimide, Polyimide FEP film, DMD, NMN
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

3M adhesive tape

-Glass Cloth Tape, -Condutive Cloth Tape, -Metal Foil Tape, -Anti-static Tape, -Composite Film Tape, -Conductive Foam Tape, -Epoxy Film Tape, -Polyester Film Tape, -Acetate Tape, -Polyimide Film Tape, -PTFE Film Tape, -Filament Film Tape, -Paper...
Main Item SMT stencil cleaning roll, clean-room wipe, stencil cleaning fabric, 3M adhesive tape, FUJI Film prescale, Automatic Blanket Cleaning Roll, SMT consumable material, swab, KIC series
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Agent


Zhuhai Dingsheng Adhesive Products Co., Ltd is a professional company that produce adhesives, adhesive tapes, packaging materials in the production of have a good reputation that its products and its excellent price, stable and...
Main Item adhesive products
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Distributor

Polyimide Film (6051, 3021 phenolic paper laminated sheet, 3025 phenolic cotton cloth laminated shee

Electrical insulating polyester film 6020, 6021 Electrical insulating Rigid Laminates sheet rod tube SMC, DMC molded parts Machined parts for Electrical insulating material Phenolic paper laminated sheet PFCP series Phenolic paper laminated sheet...
Main Item Electrical insulating materials, rigid laminate, flexible laminates, insulation paper & film, insulation fiberglass sleeving, insulation tape, FR4, G10, G11, GP0-3
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Mica Plate/sheet/tape

Mica Products: Mica plate 5438-1, 5440-1 Epoxy glass cloth mica paper tape YA438-1 Glass fiber cloth + mica paper + epoxider adhesive + glass fiber cloth. Multi-resin content. YA440-1 Glass fiber cloth + mica paper + epoxide-TMA adhesive + glass...
Main Item eletrcial insulation, electrical insulating material, insulating paper/cardboard/tape, insulating fiberglass sleeving, mica sheet/plate, Nomex paper
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter