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Polyester modified filament yarn/viscose rayon imitation filament yarn

Polyester modified filament yarn/viscose rayon imitation filament yarn bright polyester modified filament for embroidery thread/viscose imitation filament for embroidery thread/ viscose imitation filament for stitch yarn/ rayon imitation yarn for...
Main Item colored PSF, polyester spun yarn, raw white virgin psf/tow, HCS fiber
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler/Retailer

Polymer Filament Special Yarn

Synthetic fiber industry is future industry in terms of replacing natural fiber and has huge forward backward linkage effect. Special polymer production technology to produce high-tech yarns such as Cation dyable, Full dull and High shrinkage etc....
Main Item Lead Free Rhinestone, Rhinestud, PU, STRETCH PU, Hologram, Foil, Glitter, PVC Film, Hot Fix Tape, Lead Free MC, Nailhead, Domestud, Hot Fix Setting Machines, Spangle, Motif, Epoxy Pearl, Convex, Rhinestone Motif Machine, Spangle Motif Machine, Pearl, Embo
Business Type Manufacturer

Antistatic Polyester Filament Yarn

Antistatic Polyester FilamentsYarn DTY materials:modified polymer feature:Keep antistatic muchly 100D/72F 150D/72-144F material :modified polymer yarn type: DTY price: based on specs and order qauntity colour: white Use: knitting, grade: AA,A...
Main Item polyester DTY yarn, polyester/nylon blended microfiber yarn, microfiber yarn,
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Modified Raw White Polyester BCF Carpet Yarn

About Ruibo: We're a professional BCF (Bulky Continuous Filament) yarn supplier & manufacturer located in mainland China. As well known, PP (Polypropylene) yarn and PA (Polyamide) yarn are two widely used material for carpet industry, Ruibo,...
Main Item BCF Polyester yarn, BCF Polyamide Yarn, BCF Polypropylene Yarn
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Polyester Chip Chemical

APPLICATIONS OF PRODUCTS HCDP series polyerster chip: It includes special cation, compound high shrinkage, new product modification and other varieties. It is blended with bottle piece and dayuoguang at 45% - 55% ratio to spin staple fiber, and...
Main Item PVA, VAM, MA, VAE, PVB
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Wholesaler/Retailer, Service

Easy Dyeing Cationic Yarn

two structures: 1. 100% cationic polyester yarn 2. cationic/polyester melange yarn 1. Can be dyed below 100°C in open bath. Avoiding the destroy to fabric caused by high temperature. 2. High dyestuff uptakes more than 96%. dyestuff saving. 3. Good...
Main Item easy dyeing cationic polyester/low melting polyester thermofuse yarn/polypropylene yarn/functional yarn
Business Type Manufacturer

Bi-component Composite Production Line / Spinning Line

Applications: the machine is used for spinning polyester, poly amide and polypropylene yarn, modified polymer bi-component, conjugate. Side sheath-by-side sheath-core, fragment and sea island micro-denier poy, fdy filament or irregular, round...
Main Item FDY / POY / Bi-component Composite / Spandex Production line
Business Type Manufacturer