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Paraboloid Mirror

Paraboloid Mirror Parabolic Mirror Product Details The traditional manual method is adopted to process the lager diameter paraboloid and hyperboloid lens with BK7 (ZK N4 or Zerodur) material, use knife-edge instrument for test, with high processing...
Main Item Optical lens, Achromatic lens, Aspherical lens, Cylindrical lens, IR window, IR lens, off-axis aspheric mirror, Coaxial aspheric mirror, Prism, light guide, IR lens module, SWIR lens module, Eyepiece, F-theta lens, beam expander, beamsplitter
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Paraboloidal Mirror for 360 Degree Panormaic Imaging Systems

Paraboloidal Mirror (Aspherical Lens) is used for 360 degree Panormaic Imaging Systems such as The 0-360° One-Click Panoramic Optic, One-Shot 360° Panorama Virtual Tours, etc. The unique, full 360 degree perspective is achieved not with a...
Main Item Q-switch, laser crystals, NLO crystals, E-O crystals, laser system, RF + IPL, active Q-switch Nd: YAG laser equipment, mirror, lens, prism, PBS (beamsplitter) , filter, waveplate, windows, optical coating
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Our mirror (reflector) is widely used in over head projector, stage lighting and other illumination systems The following types of mirror surfaces we can supply. Spherical Reflectors Ellipsoidal Reflectors Paraboloidal reflectors flat reflectors...
Main Item aspherical lens, optical lens, filter, mirror, prism, conical lens, ohp lens
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