HONY®PTFE Filter Plastic Filter

Dec 8, 2020
Our PTFE filter were made by high quality raw materials and approval by international quality standards, and RoHS compliance. Our filters own good corrosion resistance and provide longer service life. They are widely used in different chemical...
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PTFE Filter Cartridge

Sep 15, 2020
PTFE Filter Cartridge of Filtration Element YTPTFE Series PTFE filter cartridge adopts PTFE filter membrane as filtration medium. No need to soak wet, can filter directly. The product has excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance,...
Main Item filter, micron pleated filter element/cartridge, sintered filter cartridge
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PTFE Coated High Efficiency Clap-Free Filter     ULPA Filter      Customized ULPA Filter

Nov 1, 2022
Main Applications Widely used in electronics, semiconductors, precision machinery, pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries on the high requirements of civil or industrial clean places of the end of the filter. ZJNF Commercial ULPA...
Main Item Air Filter, Air Shower, Clean Room, Clean Workbench, Pass Box, Clean Booth, Operating Theatre
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cij Hitachi compatible filters

Feb 24, 2023
We supply Hitachi printer compatible filters/spare parts: PX/PB Main Filter: 451590 KX/HX Main Filter: 451167 KX/PX/PB PTFE Filter net for solvent and ink: 451487 KX/PX/PB Gutter Filter net: 451037 KX/PX/PB Filter net for MV9 valve: 451518 Welcome...
Main Item cij filters/inkjet ink cartridges/ Packing Machine/ Inkjet Ink/Solvent/Printer
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325 PTFE Membrane Filter Cartridge

Oct 6, 2020
325 PTFE Membrane Filter Cartridge Type D---Screw Cap Series 1 Model Name D-PET-3266N 2 Size Φ325*660MM 3 Media Type PET-N/260 4 Filter Media Nano fiber PET spun bonded polyester 5 Filtration Area 11 square meter 6 Metal treatment Powder spray...
Main Item dust filter cartridge, filter bags
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high quality PTFE lining filter high purity Fluoroplastic ETFE lining Demister

Mar 18, 2021
PTFE Fluoropolymer Properties 1, Non-viscous: almost all substances do not adhere to PTFE coating film. Even thin films also show good non-adhesion. 2, Heat resistance: PTFE coating film has excellent heat and low temperature resistance...
Main Item ultra clean High purity PTFE acid tank, PTFE high purity electronic chemical storage vessel,
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Dust filter bags PE PP PPS P84 PTFE Aramid

Apr 26, 2022
Material: PE. Other material: PP,Aramid,PTFE,PPS, Acrylic Weight: 500g/sqm (other weight available). Working temprature: under 130~150 celsius Bag size: to be customized. Finish treatment: singe/calendering/heat setting/antistatic/water/oil...
Main Item filter media
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Dust filter sleeve, filter bag, dust bag

Feb 9, 2023
the sleeve for filter, The Filter for bag house. Dust Filter Sleeve for Dust Filter Material: PE, PP, PA, PPS, P84, PTFE, FMS, Aramid/Nomex, Acrylic, Fiberglass and etc. Weight: 100-1200gsm Capacity: 40Millions SQM/month(200t/month) Color:...
Main Item filter belt
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Hydrophobic PTFE Filter Cartridge

Aug 10, 2014
s . Broad chemical compatibility . Absolute construction with retention ratings of 0.05, 0.1, 0.22, 0.45, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0 or 10 um . Long service life . High throughputs . High flow rates . 100% integrity test passed Application: . Filtration for...
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Needle Felt Heat Resistant Dust Collector PTFE Filter Bags with Coated

Sep 9, 2013
PTFE needle felt is made of a kind of filter material of three dimentional needling polytetrafluoroethylene bag with macromolecular linear structure . It has the performance of heat resistance and wear resistance , corrosion resistance and chemical...
Main Item Filter cloth
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Polyester, Nomex, Acrylic,PPS, PTFE, P84, Fiberglass filter material dust collector filter bag facto

Jul 23, 2018
Polyester, Nomex, Acrylic,PPS, PTFE, P84, Fiberglass filter material dust collector filter bag with highest quality level polyester fiber and scrim which made by Zhejiang Heading Environment Technology Co.,Ltd.,can be made with anti-static fiber...
Main Item Filter fabric/Dust filter bag/Dust Filter cage/SCR catalyst
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PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridge

Sep 23, 2015
Material: PTFE membrane OD:68mm ,69mm ID:32mm Length:2.5~40" Retention Rating:0.1,0.22,0.45,1.0,3.0,5.0um Normal Working Temperature: 65 centigrade Max. Differential Pressure:0.42Mpa
Main Item filter cartridge
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Chemical Plant Filters, 750gsm PTFE Filter Bag For Dust Filtation

Apr 24, 2014
Pulse jet bags are cleaned using compressed air to mechanically "pulse" or snap the bag periodically so that the built up filter cake is discharged and the flow through the media is returned to its higher n service? permeability. Pulse jet bags are...
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PTFE filter cloth

Jul 4, 2011
Tri-star PTFE filters are strong and completely resistant to acids, bases, and all solvents. Use PTFE filters when sampling in aggressive environments. A low chemical background makes PTFE filters ideal for sampling low concentration contaminants....
Main Item PP Liquid Filter Bag, Needle Felt
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PTFE filter media

Mar 17, 2011
CHQISTEX TM e-PTFE Filter Media are made of e-PTFE membrane laminated on various reliable fabric materials(such as PET felt filter and PET PP, non-woven). With chemical and thermal stability, durability, traps micron particles ,moisture vapor...
Main Item PTFE membrane
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Farrleey Dust Collector PTFE Membrane Filter

Aug 6, 2016
Condition: New Efficiency: 99.99% Construction: Cartridge Filter Filtration Grade: Medium Filter Medium Material: Spunbonded polyester Porosity: 0.3 micron Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Farrleey Dust Collector PTFE...
Farrleey Filtration Co., Ltd

Pleated filter cartridge PTFE

Oct 9, 2013
Pleated filter cartridge—PTFE Product synopsis PTFE series is constructed of imported natural hydrophobic Polytetrafluoroethylene membrane media and non-woven support materials. Adaptors are thermally welded with media without using any glue on it,...
Main Item pharmaceutical packaging machine, filter equipment, marine equipment
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PTFE Micropore Filter Cartridge (hydrophobicity)

Aug 9, 2012
Introduction: The filtration media of PTFE micropore filter catridge is hydrophobicity PTFE membrane. it is constructed of two materials PTFE and PP to meet high standards of chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The benefit summary: strong...
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Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE Filter Cloth

Mar 8, 2010
Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE Filter Cloth Chemically resistantHydrophobic Low background, interference-free chemical determinations Low tare mass for accurate gravimetric results Autoclavable SUITA PTFE filters are strong and completely resistant...
Main Item filter cloth;filter bag
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PTFE membrane fiber glass filter cloth

Jan 11, 2016
Suita Filtech provide good quality fiber glass filter bags with PTFE membrane for dust collection, the weight of the cloth between 300~900g per square meter can be customized. Properties: 1. good acid and alkali resistance. 2. temperature...
Main Item filter cloth, filter bag, air slide, monofilament
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