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Ceramic coating oxygen lance pipe Ceramic coating oxygen lance pipe Ceramic coating oxygen lance pipe Ceramic coating oxygen lance pipe Ceramic coating oxygen lance pipe Ceramic coating oxygen lance pipe

Ceramic coating oxygen lance pipe

Oxygen Lance Pipe Plain oxygen lance pipe Ceramic coated oxygen lance pipe Calorized oxygen lance pipe Ceramic coated and calorized oxygen lance pipe Welded tube and seamless tube is available. We supply all the types of oxygen lance pipes...
Main Item copper mould tube, cast iron and steel roll
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OD1-1/4'' L4000mm Calorised Oxygen Lance Pipe Daiwa Lance

EAF & converter blowing oxygen lance pipe Lance pipe is used for blowing in steelmaking, it is made of steel pipe with inside & outside surface calorized & ceramic coated,due to the user's requirement for low consumption, high purity during...
Main Item thermal lance oxygen lance
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LF(Ladle Furnace) Oxygen Lance Pipe 6

Oxygen Lance Pipe,are small diameter pipes used with oxygen is an invaluable tool for the primary metals industry. It is used daily in almost all ferrous and non-ferrous primary production facilities.This small diameter pipe serves below purposes...
Main Item Thermic Lance Pipe, Oxygen Lance Pipe, Calorised Oxygen Lance Pipe, Ceramic Coated Oxygen Lance Pipe, Calorised&Ceramic Coated Oxygen Lance Pipe, Underwater Cutting Lance
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Chinese experienced supplier of oxygen lances for steel-making furnace

Integrated taper oxygen lance meets steel melting requirements with the following performances: 1. Increasing storage of cooling water in the high heat radiation zone and improving cooling effect. The position where 4-6 meters from the oxygen...
Main Item oxygen lance, oxygen lance nozzle
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oxygen blowing pipe

s: Ceramic coated pipe is a carbon steel pipe with multiple, thin layers of ceramic coating both outer and inner. The ceramic coating is resistant to slag attack and extends the life of the pipe when it is immersed into molten metal or in high...
Main Item carbon addtive/graphite/pyrite
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Steel Pipes / Tubular Parts

Steel Pipes / Tubular parts - Star Auto Solutions has emerged itself in the pipes, tubes and tubular components. We supply wide range of ERW pipes, CR pipes, CDW pipes, Seamless pipes related to automotive industry, construction companies etc. We...
Main Item Automotive Parts
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6300-63000KVA submerged arc furnace

Equipment supply list Mechnical parts 1 Furnace body ( upper shell and lower shell ) Tilting mechanism Water cooled roof and water pipe Roof lifting and rotating mechanism EBT platform Rotation frame locking device Feeding hopper ( on the roof )...
Main Item submerged arc furnace steelmaking furnace
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AOD argon oxygen decarburization furnace, AOD furnace

AOD is the refining equipment of argon oxygen decarburization. It's named after the acronym of its English name. Its configuration is similar to converter which is set on a support ring tilting front ad back and is fixed with dowel. On the side...
Main Item electric arc furnace, refining furnace, VD, VOD, VC vacuum casting
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Lance Nozzle

-Necessary in working process of electric furnace. -It supplies oxygen into the shell of furnace in cutting the raw material. -High pressure piping and high purity copper -Welding: two kinds of different metal. -Endurance in high temperature and...
Main Item Water Jacket(Copper Panel)
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Refractory castable

Refractory castables mainly include low cement castable,ultra-low cement castable, lightweight castable, self flow castable, steel fiber reinforced castable,which are used respectively for the following aspects according to their various features:...
Main Item AZS refractory, fused zirconia
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