Jul 11, 2018
Company Information SEOLIN B&T Seorin B & T is a deodorant based on patent and environmentally certified deodorant and spray type, It is a company that manufactures deodorant. Eco-friendly deodorant Clean core gel is harmless to the human body and...
Main Item Eco-friendly deodorant
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Activated Carbon Filter

Sep 15, 2017
Pre-filtration in air conditioning system to improve indoor air quality Super-disel effect on low concentrations of organic pollutants and odor, strong surface adsorption ability. Reusable and changeable of the filter media. Good filtration...
Main Item HVAC filter, air filter, hepa filter, high-temp filter, compact filter, separator filter, ceiling cotton, fiberglass filter, gas turbine filter, pocket filter, activated carbon filter, panel filter, cartridge filter
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

cabin air filter media ZD-1070

Aug 26, 2009
• Made from superfine coal granular activated carbon and imported non-woven fibre. • Maintains dust collection and odor adsorption capacity. • Self-supported pleatable, easy to fold up and hard to leak carbon granule. Model ZD-1070 Weight 580±10g/㎡...
Main Item cabin air filter
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Car Airdry Dehumidifier Bag

Nov 22, 2012
Eco Car Dehumidifier Bag Description Made from high quality coconut shell, nutshell, granular or columnar, packed with material of compound non woven or lint, which with a strong moisture adsorption and odor removal capacity. Give a comfortable and...
Main Item Household Dehumidifier
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Actived carbon

May 30, 2012
Property and Application: Activated carbon is a very mature technology that is designed to help remove taste and odor from water through adsorption of the compounds that cause problems. There are a variety of different types of carbon that are used...
Main Item caustic soda , soda ash, formic acid , glacial acetic acid and so on
Business Type Manufacturer

Activated carbon desiccant

Nov 24, 2009
The main ingredient of this activated carbon, black appearance. High mechanical strength, the distribution of rational, stable. Adsorption capacity, high speed, widely used to purify the air in the odor and pollutants. Adsorption capacity of...
Main Item Silica gel desiccant
Business Type Manufacturer

Expert Supplier of Activated Carbon

Aug 29, 2011
Active carbon Active carbon is one porous absorption, which can remove taste and odor from water through adsorption of the compounds that cause problems. The product is made from high quality materials like saw dust, nutshells and high-class coal,...
Main Item water treatment chemicals
Business Type Manufacturer

Refrigerator Odor Eliminator

Jun 21, 2006
DIRECTIONS OF USE: 1)It is made of efficient adsorption material-activated carbon fibre.act as magnets to attract and trap odor caused by decomposing material in your refrigerator. This product keeps your refrigerator fresh and your food tasting...
Main Item moth-preventions , , deodorant, dehumidifier, cleaner products
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Air Filter, Activated Carbon Air Filter, Primary Filter

Nov 20, 2012
s The filter materail is a compound which is formed by high adsorption activated carbon fiber and cotton; Large adsorption capacity, it filters and dust, odor and organic pollutants in air effectively; There are bag style and folding style filters....
Main Item Air Filter, HEPA Filter
Business Type Manufacturer

Activated Carbon

Feb 9, 2009
Activated carbon is a very mature technology that is designed to help remove taste and odor from water through adsorption of the compounds that cause problems. There are a variety of different types of carbon that are used industry-wide. They...
Main Item chemical packing, water treatment
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Activated carbon for gas purification

Nov 3, 2010
This type of carbon is specially designed for furniture smell removal. Activated carbon is a very mature technology that is designed to help remove taste and odor from indoor air through adsorption of the compounds that cause problems. There are a...
Main Item rubber joint, bellows compensator, activated carbon
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Sell Baby Bamboo Charcoal Pillow Pillow Health Care Pillow

Nov 30, 2011
Specification: Bamboo is a kind of bamboo for more than five students as raw material, fired at 1,000 degrees temperature of a charcoal. Bamboo charcoal has a porous structure and adsorption, the negative ions can eliminate odors, keep the car...
Main Item Gauze of Cotton, Gauze diaper, Baby diaper, Double-deck gauze diaper, Medical gauz
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Choline Chloride 50%,60%,70% powder

Dec 29, 2009
Appearance:yellow dry and powder or granule ,with odor of fish and strong adsorption of moisture. The guarantee period:18 months in the original packing. Packing: 25kgs kraft paper bags with two PE liners
Main Item building material
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Activated carbon filter

Apr 17, 2013
Speciality: The materials is made for high adsorption activated carbon fiber with filter media.Adsorption ability;Can effectively filter the air of dust,odor and organic contaminants;It can made bag filter,foldway filter;Widely used in various...
Main Item filter media series, filter mesh series, filter series, other filters
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Cat sand

May 22, 2007
Physical and Chemical Properties Milky white, transparent or translucent pellets. Odorless and tasteless Microporous structure Insoluble in water Low cracking rate Quick adsorption Ideal liquid absorbent, odor remover and antibiotic agent Mainly...
Main Item Cat sands&Silica gel&Food Additive
Business Type Exporter, Importer, Agent

Bamboo charcoal fragments (used for wood flooring)

Oct 28, 2011
High-temperature active charcoal, with capacities of superior adsorption and far-infrared radiation, can adsorb moisture, odor and harmful gases to keep indoor air fresh and the beds dry, and can also promote blood circulation of shoulder, neck and...
Main Item Non-metallic Mineral Products
Business Type Manufacturer

Air filter

Apr 14, 2011
Air filter 1. Carbon impregnated media absorbs a broad range of odors and gases 2. Granular carbon results in excellent adsorption efficiency 3. Low pressure drop 4. Pleated media configuration provides maximum surface area 5. Moisture resistant...
Main Item filter
Business Type Manufacturer

cat litter

Apr 1, 2010
It has the following unique characteristics: 1. Superior absorbency neutralize odors. It can adsorb and hold the urine or feces odors from cat, thus keeping the air in your room refreshing & clean. 2. Strong adsorption capacity & fast adsorption...
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Jul 29, 2010
Our UDF is made of high-quality granular activated carbon, has a developed pore structure, good adsorption and high mechanical strength, which can be used to pureing Industrial and domestic water , efficient Adsorping chlorine, odor, organic matter...
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