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Sterilizer machine

UV sterilizer engineered for the sterilization of electrodes,cupping glasses, brushed, sponges, scissors,etc,safe and powerfull 1. sterilizer for manicure tools functions mini uv light sterilizer for manicure tools Indispensable for compliance with...
Main Item slimming device
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Disposable Hemorrhoids stapler(PPH)

Disposable Hemorrhoids stapler(PPH) Description:significantly reduce the postoperative pain;significantly reduce the postoperative bleeding; WhatsApp: +86 15996223107 Product details: I. Disposable hemorrhoidal stapler is designed for the Procedure...
Main Item Disposable Hemorrhoids stapler, Disposable linear stapler, Disposable Circular Stapler , Disposable skin stapler and remover, Disposable endoscopic linear cutter stapler and reloading unit, Disposable linear cutter stapler
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