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Stepper Motor Counter

We have a lot of stepper motor counters for customers' choice, from plastic frame to metal frame. All the counters have been inspected and calibrated completely accroding to the customers drawing and requirements after finishing production to...
Main Item Current Transformer, Shunt, Counter
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Service

counter for energy meter(power meter, kwh meter, kilowatt-hour meter)

1, working voltage rating: 4±0.5V 2, working pulse width rating: ≥80MS 3, rated working pulse interval: ≥50MS 4, coil resistance: 430±5%ohm (23±2) 5, velocity ratio: 100:1; 200:1; 400:1; 800:1 6, stepping angle: 3.6; 1.8; 0.9; 0.45 degree 7, step...
Main Item stepper motor counter
Business Type Manufacturer