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Loofah sponge cleaning pads

Teardrop/ water drop Loofah Sponge Available sizes: - Small: 8cm x 13cm - Large: 10.5cm x 16cm Application: bath or washing dish Customized logo: available on packaging with kraft paper slip board 2. Rectangular Loofah Sponge - Size: 8x11cm...
Main Item coconut, bamboo, rattan, seagrass, water hyacinth, eco friendly products
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Real Net Bath Sponge Mesh Pouf Baby Bath Bathroom Loofah Bulk Body Sponge With Soap

Real Net Bath Sponge Mesh Pouf Baby Bath Bathroom Loofah Bulk Body Sponge With Soap Bathroom Loofah Feature: 1. Eco-friendly and environmental materials used 2. Body Wash Sponge remove dirt and sweat 3. Body Wash Spongestimulate the circulation of...
Main Item bath sponge , scouring pad
Business Type Manufacturer

Natural Loofah sponge bath&shower SPA; Beauty Body-care bath set and accessories

The product is made of natural loofah and soften in water. Loofah is soft in water, Removing rough dry skin and comedo, delay skin senility. Massaging the pad on the skin can make your skin healthy and rosy. It has elastic and opening. Easy to wash...
Main Item Natural loofah hemp and bamboo fiber bath&shower back strap sponge ball pad
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Oval Loofah/Terry Puff Sponge

Oval Loofah/Terry Puff Sponge Brief Introduction: 1.Super soft single sided 100% natural Asian loofah. 2.Deeply exfoliate skin for a smooth finish. 3.Special structure create rich lather for bathing 4.Stimulate blood circulation,environmental...
Main Item pot scrubber, cleaning sponge, steel wool, scouring pad, kitchen sponge, hand pad
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