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Korean bamboo salt. Immune Genius

Mineral Immune Supplement Functional mineral foods for health and immunity Zinc: Necessary for normal immune function and cell division Copper: Necessary for the transportation and use of iron and protects cells from harmful oxygen This mineral...
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Main Item Bamboo salt
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Bidens Pilosa

Bidens Pilosa is a plant with a strong vitality that grows in the soil rich in seawater minerals in Miyakojima island. It is manufactured based on the know-how of the Umeken company in Japan, so you can feel the freshness of the green as it is....
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Human Lipopolysaccharides,LPS ELISA Kit

MER & CIEL is one of the core brands of Putus Macromolecular Sci. & Tech.Ltd. We offer kits, reagents, service and technical support that enable researchers and clinicians to test and diagnose molecules and proteins of interest. Applying innovative...
Main Item ELISA kit
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Things You Have to Know about Pterostilbene

Pterostilbene CAS 537-42-8 White powder Assay:99% Chemical name:4-(3,5-Dimethoxystyryl)phenol By name:Pterostilbene Description Pterostilbene is supplied as a crystalline solid. Pterostilbene is a naturally-occurring dimethyl ether analog of...
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Tyrosol Synonyms: 2-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)ethanol, 4-Hydroxyphenethyl alcohol, 4-(2-Hydroxyethyl)phenol, 4-Hydroxyphenylethanol, Cas#: 501-94-0 M.W.: 138.16 Description: Tyrosol [2-(4-hydroxyphenyl) ethyl-alcohol] is a liposoluble, noncarboxyl...
Main Item Cosmeceutical serums, cosmetic peptides, Antioxidants,
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Ursolic Acid 25%~98% Power Rosemary Leaf Extract

Name: Rosemary Extract Ursolic Acid Source: Rosemary Botanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis Extract part: Dried Leaf Active Ingredient: Ursolic Acid Specification: 25%~98% Appearance: Fine Brownish Green powder Source Rosmarinus officinalis L. from...
Main Item Mangosteen Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Mulberry Leaf Extract, Panax Ginseng Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Rosemary Extract, Mango Leaf Extract
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p-Mannanase plays a role in mannan (Glucomannan, Galactomannan, etc.) of feed. It can be widely used in a variety of feed to improve nutrient digestibility and animal production performance to increase economic efficiency. It is a new type of...
Main Item etizolam
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Fudosteine is a synthetic derivative of L-cysteine as a novel expectorant, and has been shown to inhibit prophylactically the increase of the number of goblet cells induced by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) or isoproterenol, a .BETA.-agonist. Fudosteine...
Main Item marbofloxacin, Fudosteine
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red light treatment instrument for mild cervical erosion, mild non-specific vaginitis.

I. Application scope. Mild cervical erosion, mild non-specific vaginitis. II. Treatment principle I. The treatment principle 1 The clinical application of red ligh has several decades history, the red light main wavelength between 600-700nm. Due to...
Main Item SECO laser treatment instrument
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Resveratrol Resveratrol is produced from Giant knotweed Rhizome. Specification: 10% to 99%. The color is changed from brown to white according to the changes of assay. Function: The research shows that a high resveratrol intake is associated with a...
Main Item plant/herbal extract
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