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Large Size Rough HPHT Diamond

Large Size Rough HPHT Diamond Product name HPHT 1 carat white man made synthetic industrial rough uncut diamonds for sale Size 1 carat,1.0MM-5.0MM Usage piece For making decorating jewelry, or industrial applications Color White Type HPHT Advantage...
Main Item diamond wheel, Polycrystalline Diamond, resin grinding wheel, PCD, PDC, CVD, synthetic diamond, diamond micron powder, CBN (cubic boron nitride) abrasives, diamond grinding wheels, diamond saw blade, saw segment and other diamond tools and CBN tools, etc.
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High quality white color HPHT rough diamond for jewelry use

How to choose synthetic diamonds? All available sizes of industrial synthetic diamonds and their applications below. 1. Synthetic diamond grit 16/18(D1180),18/20 (D1001),20/25 (D851),25/30 (D711),30/35 (D601),35/40 (D501) 40/45 (D425), 45/50...
Main Item diamond drill bit, diamond plates, diamond tools
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High Quality Synthetic Rough Diamond Pellet for Diamond Jewelry

High Quality Synthetic Rough Diamond Pellet for Diamond Jewelry Zhengzhou Sino Crystal Diamond Joint Stock CO.,Ltd.,large single crystal diamonds are synthesized by HPHT ( high pressure high temperature synthesis) under tightly controlled growth...
Main Item synthetic diamond
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Large Single Crystal Synthetic Diamond

Specifications 1.High transparency gloss color 2.Complete and regular crystal shape 3.Few impurities 4.High compressive strength 8875MPa Rough Diamond Crystals: Our rough diamond crystals are grown by converting carbon to diamond through HPHT and...
Main Item Vitrified Bond Tools, Resin Bond Tools, Metal Bond Tools, Electroplated Diamond/CBN Tools, Vaccum Brazed Products, CVD Diamond Tools, Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Tools, Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) Tools.
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CVD Diamond

CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) diamond. The mixture of carbon-containing gas and oxygen is excited and decomposed at a high temperature and a pressure lower than the standard atmospheric pressure to form an active diamond carbon atom, and the...
Main Item Grinding wheel
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1.0 mm -2.0mm synthetic diamond made in china

Nowadays white diamond come to the market and have big demands! Synthetic Diamond are diamonds manufactured in a laboratory, as opposed to diamonds mined from the Earth. The gemological and industrial uses of diamond have created a large demand for...
Main Item synthetc diamond
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