High Quality Iranian Kabkab Dates

We provide and export High Quality & Fresh Iranian Kabkab Dates to Arabian countries daily. Express shipping is available. نحن نقدم ونصدر تمارين كباب إيرانية طازجة وعالية الجودة إلى الدول العربية يوميًا. الشحن السريع متاح. Persian Gulf Trading Co....
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High Quality Kabkab dates

Kabkab date is a very suitable dates for industrial usage. Also, it used for direct consumption. Kabkab dates are nectarous and soft with wide range of use in food industries and bakeries. The coloring of this variety is black and brown in pitted...
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Organic Kabkab Date

Iranian Kabkab (Dashtestan) Date: Delicious, cheap price, high quality, Fresh date Packing: various kind of bulk and retail packing including mother carton, bulk 5 or 10 kg carton or etc. Certification: All Custom required documents like PI, PL,...
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Dates Fruit Dates Fruit Dates Fruit Dates Fruit Dates Fruit

Dates Fruit

We are an agent of dates fruit from Iran in Yogyakarta Indonesia. The types of dates that we market and sell are as follows Sayer Dates Zahedi Dates Rabbie Dates Piarom Dates Mazafati Dates Kabkab Dates Barhi Dates Farkan Dates With rich experience...
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Fresh Date Fresh Date Fresh Date Fresh Date Fresh Date

Fresh Date

Kabkab Dates Kabkab are one of the types of dates in Iran. The color of the fruit is yellow in the “Kharak” stage and light brown and burnt brown in the Rutab stage, and eventually it turns into a dark brown. Unripe and Kharak dates, unlike other...
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Kabkab date

Iranian Kabkab Date is a wet Date which has semi-dried texture, and also it is long, row, dark brown and after Astamaran , Shahani and Mazafati Dates, Kabkab Date has the most economic value in Iran. Kabkab Date is can be considered as most...
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Date Types Date Types Date Types

Date Types

Iran has diversity in weather situation, which can cultivate most kinds of Date fruits such as Piarom Dates, Mazafati Dates, Zahedi Dates, Kabkab Dates, And other types of dates. the company Flamingo Eurasia has special potential for sorting the...
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Dates (KABKAB)

Quality KABKAB DATES, LESS EXTRACT Worldwide shipping Packaging 10KG CARTON (Please, Kindly ask for update and instant quotation)
United Arab Emirates
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kabakb dates

Kabkab dates are anticancer due to magnesium. Kabkab dates provides energy for the body especially during the day for hard-core activities This is a great food supplement for thirst and a huge source of iron and minerals useful to the body...
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Iranian Fresh & Dried Dates
Iranian Fresh & Dried Dates Iranian Fresh & Dried Dates Iranian Fresh & Dried Dates Iranian Fresh & Dried Dates Iranian Fresh & Dried Dates

Iranian Fresh & Dried Dates

ALL TYPES - We have most of varieties of dates with high-quality; Sayer (Estamaran), Kabkab, Mazafati, Zahedi, Rabbi, Piarom, Khasoei, Medjool, Shahani and Kaloote. DELICIOUS better – If you’re looking for the most delicious dried fruits in the...
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Date Chocolate Date Chocolate Date Chocolate Date Chocolate Date Chocolate Date Chocolate

Date Chocolate

We are exporter and manufacturer of Date Chocolate. We are looking to find the business partner for a long term business. - Our product manufactured with American Sweet Almond + Kabkab Date + Chocolate. - We have three different flavors: 70% Dark...
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Kabkab Date

Kabkab Date is a wet date which has a semi-dried texture. Kabkab date is long in size and its color varies from light brown to dark brown.Kabkab is a high-grade date that mostly grows in tropical cities of Iran like Khozestan, and Bushehr.Kabkab...
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kabkab date

Sader MC holding group company, offers high-quality products, competitive prices and prompt delivery. Your satisfaction is always our first concern. Contact us now and let's develop a bright future. skype:sadermc whatsapp:+98 903...
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Date syrup Date syrup Date syrup

Date syrup

GolNik date Syrup is made from one perfect ingredient: organic Iranian kabkab or Sayer dates. We’ve gently extracted their natural sugar and vital nutrients to bring you a rich, delicious, and healthier sweet.Date syrup is the cheapest vegan,...
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Our group can product any kind of dates in different weight and packaging such as 250 gr/ 500 gr/ 1 kg/ 2 kg /10 kg... Kabkab date Piarom date Ghasb (zahedi) date
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Kabkab Dates

We are date grower and exporter from south of Iran, it's the best opportunity to deal with grower of a product for you! We are supplier Kabkab dates, Zahedi dates and Mazafati dates to other country whit high quality and low price.We can make you...
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Dates Khajur Khorma Tamoor

Wet, Juicy, Tasty & Fresh Dates from the land of Quality Dates Farms Natures Source Of Natural Nutrient Wet Juicy Dates Fresh Juicy Dates Dry Tasty Dates SNACKS BAKERIES ISTITUTIONS SWEETS & CONFECTIONERY INDUSTRIES
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Our company is a manufacturer of all kinds of Dates such as Sayer and Zahedi and Kabkab and Mazafati Dates in huge quantities .
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date syrup

Our main dates are Mazafati, Piarom, Khasouyeh, Rabbi, Kabkab, Shahani, Zahedi and Stamaran, we are also ready to supply and procure premium date syrup/molasses and chopped dates with the highest quality by fully-automated date syrup/molasses...
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All types of Iranian dates such as Shahani, Piarom, Kabkab, Rabbi, Mazafaty and Estamaran are available in different packings. Tel:+98-51-33659907 / +98-9155682040
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