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Acid Casein, Coffee Oil, Corn Starch, DL-Alanine Coffee Extract, Instant Coffee, Lactobacillus, Liquid Glucose, MSG etc.
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LPG Series High-speed Centrifuge Atomizing Drier

LPG series high-speed centrifugal spray drier is a special equipment and is suitable for drying emulsion, suspending liquid, liquor and so on .Particularly it has unique for drying polymers and resins; dyestuff and pigment; ceramics, glass; derust...
Main Item High-speed Centrifugal Atomizing Drier
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LPG Series High-Speed Centrifugal Spray Drier

This equipment is most suitable for producing powder or particle solid products from materials such as solution, emulsion, suspension and pasty state. 1. At a high speed of drying, after the spraying of the feed liquid, the superficial area of the...
Main Item dryer, granulator, mixer, grinder, dry granulator, environmental engineering
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LPG High Speed Centrifugal Spray Drier

Spray drying is the technology most widely used in the liquid technology shaping and in the drying industry.The drying technology is most suitable for producing solid powder or particle products from liquid materials,such as:solution, emulsion,...
Hong Kong
Main Item filter, centrifuge, mixer, tablet press machine, granulator, dryer, packing machine
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LPG Series High-speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer

Our LPG Series High-speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer features fast drying speed, well dispersed, stable operating, simplified working process and raw material can be solution, slurry, emultion, supension, paste, melting material, or even caky...
Main Item spray dryer , industrial filters , air oven , air dust filter
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LPG Series High-speed Centrifuge Spray Drier

Principle ■ After fresh air is filtered and heated, it enters into the air distributor which on the top of the drier. The hot air in spiral form equably enters into the drying room. When liquid raw material are passed through the high-speed...
Main Item drying machine, drying equipment, granulaor, mixer
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Food additive stabilizing and thickening agent for beverage

Our factory professionally produces high acyl gellan gum and low acyl gellan gum with high quality at best price, It is low dosage, good combination, Taste-releasing ability and super thermal & acid stability. It can used as food gelling agent,...
Main Item gellan gum;maltodextrin;sorbitol;maltitol;maltose syrup;liquid glucose;etc.
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