Wanted: thermopile sensor

May 26, 2020
MTP-10-B7F55 Thermopile Sensor Specification: MEMS Thermopile Element TO-46 Package High Sensitivity 5.5 μm LWP Filter High Accuracy NTC Applications: Non-contact Temperature Measurements,Forehead Thermometers,Ear Thermometers, Continuous...

Wanted: National OilWell Varco MD Totco instruments sensors

Aug 7, 2015
Feel free reach me with info (at)pmztechnology(doc)com MD TOTCO® Divison of VARCO®, we sell series of MD TOTCO spares including: infrared sensors, rotary torque sensor, sensors, tension sensors, torque sensor, velocity sensors etc. MD TOTCO...

Wanted: solar lamps related

May 24, 2014
Bright mode + Dark mode Body infrared ray sensor (motion sensor) Auto day/night sensor. please visit our website for more information

Wanted: Dental Unit---> Leader

Aug 17, 2007
LEADER Accessories * Infrared sensor cup filler * Multi-functional foot controller for micro adjustment to the chair position * Main arm and balance assistant breaking system * Chair security stopping system (chair stopped when handpiece operated)...