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Indium oxide

Keywords :Indium oxide,1312-43-2,Indium(II) oxide,indiumtrioxide,diindium trioxide,INDIUM SESQUIOXIDE, INDIUM(III) OXIDE,rare metal powder,In2O3 Product Name: Indium oxide Cas No.: 1312-43-2 MF: In2O3 MW: 277.63 Description: Amorphous indium oxide...
Hong Kong
Main Item pharmaceutical raw material, chemica, plant
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CRYSCORE can offer Epi-Ready grade sapphire wafer with a very low surface roughness in complete orientation options. c plane sapphire wafers are being extensively used for epitaxial growth of III-V and II-VI compounds, such as gallium nitride...
Main Item Sapphire wafer
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compound semiconductor materials

china rare metal material co.,ltd offer a full serious high pure compound, include antimonides, sulfides,tellurides,oxides,selenides,selenides,arsenides and some three element compound.Also we can make some new compound by so II-VI...
Main Item sputtering target, rare earth, evaporation material, nanometer material, crystal
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