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Reverse Engineering Gear

Currently, the production and supply of reverse design products such as industrial vehicles such as forklift, machine tools, industrial machinery, hypoid gears used in steel mills, and bevel gears are increasing. Duson International Korea boasts...
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Free Sample High Quality Pinion Professional OEM Spiral Helical Hypoid Gear Free Sample High Quality Pinion Professional OEM Spiral Helical Hypoid Gear Free Sample High Quality Pinion Professional OEM Spiral Helical Hypoid Gear Free Sample High Quality Pinion Professional OEM Spiral Helical Hypoid Gear Free Sample High Quality Pinion Professional OEM Spiral Helical Hypoid Gear Free Sample High Quality Pinion Professional OEM Spiral Helical Hypoid Gear

Free Sample High Quality Pinion Professional OEM Spiral Helical Hypoid Gear

1.Descriptions: 1)According to the different strength and performance, we choose the steel with strong compression; 2)Using Germany professional software and our professional engineers to design products with more reasonable size and better...
Main Item spiral bevel gear
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Compact and lightweight New side mixer

High quality, convenient handling, easy maintenance Spiral bevel gears have been applied to improve durability. These gears produce less noise and have a broader engagement area than spur or hypoid gears. In particular, spiral bevel gears transmit...
Main Item Side Mixer
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Main Item worm gearbox, gearmotor and motor
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Spiral Hypoid gear

With extensive experience in the gear manufacturing industry, Bestagear is pleased to introduce our line of bevel and spiral bevel gears, working with materials including aluminum, ductile iron, and stainless steel. In addition, we can work with...
Main Item Spur gear, helical gear, bevel gear, pinion gear, worm gear, rack gear, sprocket
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F series hypoid geared motor

High Efficiency Right Angle Hypoid Gear Motor with 0.4, 0.75 or 1.1kW Power Features: Low noise: Compared with conical and worm gear, it has larger contact area and stronger transmitting capacity No vibration in mute operation High efficiency:...
Main Item gear motor/speed reducer/gearbox
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L-CKD Middle Duty Industrial Gear Oil

Product application: • Spur gear, bevel gear, helical gear, gear with worm gear and industrial hypoid gear box. • The closed industrial gear drive. • The open industrial gear drive.(Viscosity grade) • Mining equipment , cement plant , ball mill ,...
Main Item hydraulic oil, heat transfer oil, cutting fluid, transformer oil, air compressor oil, chain oil, gear oil, diesel engine oil, greas, spindle oil, tapping oil
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Optimal 85W140

MULTIGRADE TRANSMISSION OIL OPTIMAL 85W140 FOR HEAVY-LOADED VEHICLES. OPTIMAL 85W140 is a transmission multigrade oil for lubricating of all kinds of toothed gears: cylindrical, conical, spiral-conic and hypoid gears and loaded axles of off-road...
Main Item Engine oils
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Spiral bevel gear milling machine 5A284

Spiral bevel gear milling machine 5A284 It is used for the production of bevel gears with helical teeth, in highly loaded gears for cement equipment, gears of mining machines, gears of bevel crushers, globoid gears and other mechanisms. Spiral...
Russian Federation
Main Item vertical lathes, spiral-bevel and hypoid gear cutting machine, hypoid gear grinder machine manual, controller and CNC series
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Marine Diesel Outboard Diesel Engine 40HP V Twin Engine for Vessel

Specification: Model HJ-40HP Full Throltle Operating Range 4500-5500rpm stroke 4 Cylinder 2 Displacement 0.8L Bore*Strock 80*75mm Compression Ratio 19:01 Length*Width*Height 1100*450*1450mm Weight 120kg Gear Ratio 2(26:13) Gear Shiff Position F-N-R...
Main Item diesel outboard engine, inboard engine, generator sets, pumps
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JMCG Front Axle Spiral Bevel Gear For Differential/Reducer

Jiangxi JMCG Axle Gear Co.,Ltd is a state-owned factory specializing in spiral bevel gears of axles since 2004. It is located in Nanchang, a famous historic and cultural city in Jiangxi province, China. Our factory covers 85,538 square meters....
Main Item Spiral Bevel Gear
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1300mm diameter of the rail transport, heavy vehicles and ship propeller spiral bevel gear presentat

SKB Gear depending on the quality of life, from the user to God, and always follow every process is responsible for each product is responsible for the quality policy for every user is responsible for the 1300mm diameter of the rail transport,...
Main Item Bevel Gears, Ring Gears
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20hp Motor Diesel Outboard Engine For Fishing Boat

Tilt & trim with shallow water drive various positions Low oil indicator for increased protection Twist grip throttle control for easy maneuverability & safety Thermostat controlled water cooling system Safety lanyard with emergency shutoff Easy...
Main Item diesel engine, diesel generator, diesel outboard motor, diesel fire pump
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40HP Diesel Outboard Engine Motor

40HP Diesel Outboard Engine Motor Model JYD40 Type two cylinder,V type 4-stroke, water cooling, direct injection No. of cylinders 2 Bore x Stroke (mm) 90x80 Displacement (L) 1 Max. output (HP) 40 Compression ratio 19:1 Fuel consumption (L/h)...
Main Item Marine Power and Propulsion, Deck & Mooring Equip., Outfitting Equip., Marine Electrical Equip., Marine Safety & Lifesaving, Marine Pumps & Valves and Other Marine Accessories.
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LUBE AUTO GEAR (ApI-GL-4) SAUDI DUNES-LUBE AUTO GEAR (ApI-GL-4) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: SAUDI DUNES-lube Auto Gear products are formulated from finest paraffinic base stocks and extensively proven additives. These products have a wide range of...
United Arab Emirates
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hengtong yutong city bus assembly ZF S6-90 parts manual transmission gearbox

Hengtong yutong city bus assembly ZF S6-90 parts manual transmission gearbox QJ906/S6-90 GEARBOX Available range: Vehicle Length:10-13.7meters Engine/Chassis Power:185-235KW Place of Origin:Chongqing, China (Mainland) Brand Name:QJZiLi Model...
Main Item ZF s6-90 gearbox s5-80 gearbox
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All kinds of gears

Shaft primmary,secondary,ring gear,hypoid gear,pinion, side gear,differential gear
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bevel gear

M1-12 all specification as your requirement We offer a complete production of gears and gear shafts. We are producing both gears and gear shafts or as sub-contracted work in both large and small series Services: Spur gears, Helical Gears,...
Main Item ChinaTYO gears ,shafts and gearbox
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Toothed wheel

The Gear Division is engaged in machining and heat treatment of cylindrical gear, hypoid gear, spline shaft and so on. Its output is 100,000 pairs of hypoid gears and 1,400,000 pieces of other gears every year. Its service life of heat treatment is...
Main Item Cast steel
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Shell Spirax Axle transmission oils

Shell Spirax oils are designed to help keep your transmission components protected so that they can go on working efficiently. Shell Spirax range of oils have special frictional properties and high fluidity that reduce power loss, lower the...
Main Item Lubricants
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