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Suspended platform

Ideal equipment for 1-Facade construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance 2-Inspection, maintenance and repair of big project, such as big tank, chimney, dam, bridge. 3-Welding, cleansing and painting of large ship etc., 4-Load...
Main Item Suspended platform/Gondola/Aerial work platform
Business Type Manufacturer

Himalayan Salt Foot Detoxification Blocks #5231

Rest your weary feet! These natural Himalayan Salt Blocks help to cleanse your body in an easy, trouble-free and painless way. A great way to relax and detox after a long day at work. Set of 2 in a cotton bag. Instructions: - Warm the salt block...
Main Item Himalayan Salt Lamp
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water ionizer(EHM-919)(NEW MODEL) with heating system

This water ionizer is the latest model,high PH with heating system! Exclusive manufacturer! Model:EHM-919 Power supply:AC110V,60Hz/220V,50Hz Electrolyzing Power: 210-80W Standby Power: 1.5W Heating Power: 2000W more or less 10% Input water...
Main Item ion cleanse, water ionizer, portable oxygen concentrator and foot detox patch
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Primary Efficiency Pleated Air Filters

As a primary efficiency filter, it adopts a light flat panel structure composed of damp proof and hot temp tolerant double-paperboard framework, metal net, and filtering materials. Light, tight and reliable structure, convenient replacing, cheap...
Main Item air filters, bag filter, compact filter, hepa, active carbon filter, ceiling
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Matsutake Whitening and Moisturizing Facial Mask

Leading research on Asian skin through innovative technology, green skin care research center developed matsutake whitening mask. Contain high-tech whitening ingredients matsutake essence, as well as a variety of plant extracts (ursolic acid, plant...
Main Item nature coconut oil skin care product, facial mask, moisturizing lotion, Moisturizing water, facial cream, Cleansing face Cream, Facial Treatment Essence needle, a variety of concentrated repair cream, cosmetic spray product , Make-up cosmetic
Business Type Manufacturer

L-Glutathione Moist Whitening Lotion-Redpome lotion

L-Glutathione Moist Whitening Lotion-Redpome Remove obstacles for beauty to return you the fresh skin SPF50,After using 28days,you skin will return to natural whiten,soft and smooth. Description: Main Ingredients: Cocoa polyphenols,hydrolyzed...
Main Item redpome, anionblue, white magic night, face mask, naturago mask, ina slim patch, fangnaier bamboo suit, beauty legging, lip balm,
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Pure Green Tea Powder Instant Green Tea Extract Powder

1.100% Pure green tea powder ;Natural Powder;No artificial additives 2.Made from fresh and harm-less material;high quality 3.Hot wind dry;Air jet mill;steam sterilization;food grade 4.Mesh size: 60-200 mesh or more 5.Keep original flavor, and...
Main Item Barley grass powder
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silicone suction cup made in china

silicone massage cup -100% Silicone -Non-toxic, harmless, durable -High quality&competitive price -RoHS, SGS, MSDS approved 1.100% Silicon,green material. 2.Non-toxic,&hot sell 3.High quality&competitive Inside diameter: 1.9cm, 3.3cm and 4.7cm....
Main Item Silicone gift items
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Magic Beauty Instrument, Ion Beauty Device

RO-1106 Magic Beauty Instrument, with built-in rechargeable battery. Clean your skin with negative ion function and introduce the nutrition of cream with positive ion function. 1. With beautiful and nice design, the main function for this device is...
Main Item lady shaver, nose trimmer, massager, skincare tools, nail care series
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor

Wachichao Herbal Tea (green Tea) Beware Of Fake

Product Overview : WACHICHAO Herbal Tea (BFAD Approved) "THE MIRACLE TEA" Organically Grown * 100% Natural Herbs * No Caffeine * Scientifically Proven * No Side Effects "CURATIVE & PREVENTIVE POWERS OF WACHICHAO TEA" 1. Cleansing Tea / Anti-toxins...
Main Item fruits, alcohol, beer, etc.
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Introduction# Natural Food Additives# Steady freshness and antifungal# Antibacterial, sterilization,FreshnessFeatures# All production foods# Bacteria such as E. Coli(o-157) ,Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria, Salmonella , etc 99.999%.# use Noodless:...
Main Item Naturel Food Additives / disinfectant
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Honeysuckle Flower Extract 10:1

Honeysuckle Flower Extract 10:1 Information about Honeysuckle Flower Honeysuckle Flower,Also known as- Lonicera spp, jin yin hua, lonicera. Introduction The fragrant yellow flowers of the honeysuckle vine are used in herbal medicine around the...
Main Item pearl powder, silk powder
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

2011 NEW under USD1 PROMOTIONAL GIFT Medical premium FA201 First Aid Kit

1.min travel personal promotional premiun style,pesonel care,medical gift 3 travel gift,premium gift 4.ISO,CE approved 2011 New promotional premium gift; Good for pharmancies promotion Outdoor use,travel Below 1 dollar,hot sale item FA102...
Main Item sports tape, travel safety products, home safety products
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Ionizer Alkaline Water

Packing Size & weight:33*27*16.5cm 8KG Plates Material:Titanium with platinum coating(Japan) Ph:4-9.9 Electrolysis levels:4 alkaline water+2 acid water+1 puried water ORP:-400 Filter material:Fiber Activated Carbon filter from America (NSF) Power...
Main Item home drinking RO or UF Water Purifiers
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Marayas Face, yellow - 5. box

- Eliminates signs of stress and fatigue; - Restores and tightens the skin; - Cleanses skin deep; - Strengthens the natural defense system of the skin; - anti-cancer effect. Face masks Mariah's face is the first probiotic cosmetic products in the...
Main Item Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Vitaslim in Licaps
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Vaginal Cleanser

he interior of the female vagina consists of over 6,000 wrinkles. Blood from menstruation or foreign matter accumulate in the gaps, causing bacterial proliferation, resulting in foul odor, menstrual pain, vaginitis, bacterial infection, etc. This...
Main Item Made in Korea
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Detox foot spa (massage shoes with two people) C06

Function: 1.Remove the poisonous function 2.Remove massage shoes with two people 3.Ultra big liquid-crystal displayLCD 4.Having 5 kinds of Remove the poisonous Pattern Technical Parameters: Voltage: 110V/220V Rated power: 60W Current: 0.5-2.5A...
Main Item detox foot spa, water ionizer, blood pressure monitor, digital therapy massager, digital diagnose machine, eye massager, slimming belt massager, foot massager and so on
Business Type Manufacturer

Foot Care Kinoki Detox Foot Patch

Who need use poot patch? 1. The people who love beauty and slim 2. The people who have health problem such as: Astriction, halitosis, body odour, foot odour. 3. Semi-healthy people 4. The people who use computer for long time The people who have...
Main Item body lotion, BB cream, emilaywhite, foot patch, bamboo suit, leggings, whitelihte
Business Type Exporter

2015 hottest 19 in 1 facial machine / Diamond microdermabrasion multifunction Facial Beauty Machine

Technical Specifications: Functions Specifications Diamond Dermabrasion Vacuum Pressure: 60-70 cmHg High Frequency 1 glass mushroom electrode 1 glass spoon electrode 1 angled spot electrode Magnifying Lamp 5 multiples Ultrasonic 1.1 Mhz Facial...
Main Item slimming machine, ipl machine, spa capsule, derma roller, rf machine, pdt machine
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MAFAC Germany marfa, washing machine company World class water-based fine cleaning technology expert Founded in 1968, is committed to R & D, manufacturing water-based fine Cleaning machine, KEA, ELBA, JAVA, PALMA A variety of cleaning machine. Has...
Main Item Cleaner
Business Type Agent