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High Titanium Slag furnace

Submerged Arc Furnace for Ferro-Alloy Application: Submerged arc furnace will be mainly applied for reduction of metallurgical ore to produce the FeSi, FeMg, FeCr, Ferrotungsten, SiMg and Titanium slag alloy, which will be the important material...
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Titanium slag furnace

Here is the main type of our furnace as follows: I. Equipment of submerged arc furnace Calcium carbide furnace, industrial silicon furnace, MnSi furnace, FeNi / HC FeCr furnace, (high purity) FeSi furnace, Titanium slag furnace, SiAl furnace,...
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titanium slag

About the High titanium slag (TiO2), it is after a physical process formation of Titanium ore richment commonly known as. through the furnace heating melting Titanium ore, Titanium ore of Titanium dioxide and iron melting separation has High...
Main Item High titanium slag
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Submerged Arc Furnace

Submerged arc furnace will be mainly applied for reduction of metallurgical ore to produce the FeSi, FeMg, FeCr, Ferrotungsten, SiMg and Titanium slag alloy, which will be the important material for metallurgical and chemical industries Features of...
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Ti-V resource

This stockpile arose as a result of processing a vanadium containing titaniferous magnetite through a rotary prereduction kiln and electric arc furnace to extract iron and vanadium leaving behind a slag with high values of TiO2 and Vanadium The...
South Africa
Main Item Titaniferous vanadium containing magnetite
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Vanadium titanium (V-ti) non-water tap hole clay

Since the tap hole area is chronically eroded by slag to cause partial damage, excess temperature of hearth and excessive water temperature difference, which influence blast furnace to run smoothly.Vanadium titanium tap hole clay can slove these...
Main Item Refractory, iron making, blast furnace, Taphole clay, castable, gun mix, mortar, ramming mix
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Ferro-alloy refining furnace

Usage: Ferro-alloy refining furnace is mainly used to refine charging materials such as ore, refining productions of high silicon low carbon iron alloy, rholite, etc. It can increase the content of metal in ferro-alloy and is generally electric arc...
Main Item electric arc furnace, refining furnace, VD, VOD, VC vacuum casting
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FY-450 briquette machine for carbon with high capacity

Carbon briquette machine can work directly after the raw materials crushed, no need to add water. For examples: Aluminum scrap, activated carbon alumina, quicklime, etc. The purpose is to reduce the dust, control the capacity, recycling, improve...
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grit 24 mesh aluminium oxide suppliers

If there are too many silica, the excessive silica can not be retained in the glass phase, but react with part of alumina to form mullite, which will reduce the toughness of brown corundum. The higher the aluminum content, the better the toughness;...
Hong Kong
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Mullite - from natural coal measures kaolin calcined

Mullite - from natural coal measures kaolin calcined Chemical Formula 3Al2O3.2SiO2 Mullite is the mineralogical name given to the only chemically stable intermediate phase in the SiO2 - Al2O3 system. Specification: 0 - 50mm ( AH-Mullite , MC-0...
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