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Human hepatocyte growth factor(HGF)ELISA Kit

The kit uses a double-antibody sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to assay the level of Human hepatocyte growth factor(HGF)in samples. Add hepatocyte growth factor(HGF) to monoclonal antibody Enzyme well which is pre-coated with...
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Hepatocyte growth factor solution/powder,HGF,18 years GMP supplier

Description: Light yellow clear solution Feature: Poly-peptides>10mg/mL Activity >4.0( MTT test) Process: Hepatocyte Growth-Promoting Factor is one kind of poly-peptides with small molecular weight and biologic activity, it is extracted from...
Main Item pharmaceutical intermediates
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Hepatocyte growth factors

Description: light yellow clear solution Nature:Peptide≥ 10mg/ml Acetivity:MTT activity≥ 4.0 Pharmacological effect: in the presence of acute liver injury animal plasma protein factor that can stimulate liver cell DNA synthesis and regeneration...
Main Item cerebrolysin, thymomodulin, oxytocin, octreotide acetate, ganciclovir for injection, ramosetron hydrochloride injection
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928037-13-2 Golvatinib (E7050)

CAS No.: 928037-13-2 Formula: C33H37F2N7O4 M.Wt: 633.69 Purity: >98% Storage: RT Appearance: off-white solid Stock: in stock Golvatinib (E7050) is an orally bioavailable dual kinase inhibitor of c-Met (hepatocyte growth factor receptor) and VEGFR-2...
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MultiCell Stem Cell

MULTICELL+ Bringing bioscience to life. MultiCell+® is a Bio-technologies Cultivated Stem Cells produced by recombinant DNA technology and embryonic placenta. MultiCell+® has 191 amino acid residues and a molecular weight of 22, 125 daltons. Its...
Main Item Beauty Injection ~ Whitening, Vitamin C Collagen, Slimming, Placenta Injection
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