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Diamond Detector Manufacturer, diamond mining detector, Metal Mineral Detector

Diamond Detector Manufacturers, diamond mining detector machine, Treasure detector, Metal Mineral Detector, Deep Gold Metal Detector, mining detector, Diamond Metal Mineral Detector, Gold Prospecting Metal Detector Application: Mainly used for...
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Cheap Price Underground Waterproof Gold Diamond Metal Detector For Treasure Hunting

cheap price underground Gold Diamond Metal Detector/ waterproof underground metal treasure hunting machine Specification: Detecting depth: 1.5-3m (according to different metal volume can reach different depth, usually we use 60*60*1cm iron plate as...
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Ground diamond metal detector 50 m 12VDC / precious metal detector

Ground diamond metal detector 50 m 12VDC / precious metal detector Features : 1.VR6000 is a deep and long range metal detection system, namely the treasure precious metals directional indicator. 2. Its characteristic is the depth of the super large...
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GPX 5000 Ground Gold detector

GPX5000 is a high performance metal detector,the sensitivity and stability of GPX5000 enjoy the highest level among this type products.In addition, The most prominent characteristics is that the type of metal can be identified, allowing you to...
Main Item handheld metal detector, walk through metal detector, under vehicle search mirror
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Deep search metal detector, audio and visual detector

Both audio and visual detector First used in field in 1984 that uses has proven to be (by far) most nice Originally developed for professional archaeologists, treasure hunters, has been used both on land and under water With development of faster,...
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