Graphite Tower/tank

Aug 7, 2018
Graphite Tower,tank: Types of equipment are packing tower,plate tower,bubble cap tower,valve tower,Chlorination tower etc..The whole structure can be divided into two types of graphite liner and overall graphite which can comply with your...
Main Item graphite heat exchanger, falling film absorber, graphite tower/tank, graphite two-in-one/three-in-one synthetic furnace, sulfuric acid dilution and other graphite series products, glass lined reactor
Business Type Manufacturer

Graphite pump, column

Jun 19, 2012
Graphite and graphite lined pipe & fitting: used in ducting chemical corrosive liquid & gas such as HCl, HCl gas etc. Graphite Bubble Cap Tower, Packed Tower: used in distillation, rectification Graphite Pump: used in pumping corrosive liquid...
Main Item Graphite heat exchangers, HCl synthesis unit, furnace, graphite absorber, dilution cooler, graphite reactor, graphite column, graphite quencher, graphite pump, graphite cooler, graphite condenser, graphite gas scrubber
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Flexible Graphite Spiral Wound Gaskets

Apr 15, 2014
flexible graphite Spiral Wound Gaskets Typical Applications Pipe, valve, pump, thermal exchange, condensing tower, plain hole and man hole of flange, etc. Petrochemical, chemical, mechanical manufacturer, power station, metallurgy, shipbuilding,...
Main Item Spiral Wound Gaskets/Compression sheets/Braided Packing
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Optical fiber drawing tower

Aug 1, 2012
Application This drawing tower is used to produce high quality silica optic-fibre. Technical Data one tower one line or one tower two line Tower height 27m Drawing speed 1500m/min Preform dia. 80~150×2800mm Graphite furnace temperature 2500±2℃...
Main Item optical fiber manufacture machine
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter