GT/GX type tubular graphite falling film absorber

Aug 6, 2018
GT/GX type tubular graphite falling film absorber: The equipment consists of liquid distributor,cooling absorption section and enterprise separator.Advantages:high absorption efficiency,low export temperature,no need to cool,high operation...
Main Item graphite heat exchanger, falling film absorber, graphite tower/tank, graphite two-in-one/three-in-one synthetic furnace, sulfuric acid dilution and other graphite series products, glass lined reactor
Business Type Manufacturer

Graphite Falling film Absorber, Gas Scrubber

Jun 20, 2012
Graphite shell and tube falling film absorbers Graphite cylindrical block falling film absorbers
Main Item Graphite heat exchangers, HCl synthesis unit, furnace, graphite absorber, dilution cooler, graphite reactor, graphite column, graphite quencher, graphite pump, graphite cooler, graphite condenser, graphite gas scrubber
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter