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Anti Pests Grape/Guava Fruit Cover Protection Bag for Sale

Fruit paper bag (Fruit growing bag, fruit protection paper bag) for different fruits, vegetables and flowers provide a layer of protection between the tender fruit and the outside world. It can help fruits get colour, increase sugar, promote...
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grape growing and protection paper bag in fruit planting grape growing and protection paper bag in fruit planting grape growing and protection paper bag in fruit planting grape growing and protection paper bag in fruit planting grape growing and protection paper bag in fruit planting grape growing and protection paper bag in fruit planting

grape growing and protection paper bag in fruit planting

grape growing and protection paper bag in fruit planting 1. To cut down the costs of cultivation and get the fruits without any insecticide. 2. To decrease the damages cause by rain, strong wind and falling of fruit. 3. To protect fruit from birds,...
Main Item biodegradable food box, sugarcane pulp lunch box, foil lined paper bag, kebab bag, corn starch food container, biodegradable food plate, food wrapping paper, aluminium foil paper, foam net, fruit protection paper bag, mango protection paper bag
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Bagging mango on the tree /Mango cover paper bag/Growing bag for mango making machine

product:fruit paper bag making machine with fully automatic feeding paper system capacity:260-300pcs/min or 360-400pcs/min size of bag range:width 180-230mm length 280-330mm or as your requirement operator:2 persons bag opening wire:automatic Our...
Main Item fruit protective cover bag making machine, fruit sorting machine, epe foam net extruder line
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Fresh Sweet Grapes (Seedless / Seeded, Black, Green, Red) For Sale Fresh Sweet Grapes (Seedless / Seeded, Black, Green, Red) For Sale Fresh Sweet Grapes (Seedless / Seeded, Black, Green, Red) For Sale Fresh Sweet Grapes (Seedless / Seeded, Black, Green, Red) For Sale Fresh Sweet Grapes (Seedless / Seeded, Black, Green, Red) For Sale

Fresh Sweet Grapes (Seedless / Seeded, Black, Green, Red) For Sale

We offer delicious varieties of grapes, provide best competitive price and the best quality . we also have the ability to provide you with large quantities and best commitment in Delivery time. Our grapes is familiar around the world for its...
United Kingdom
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paper bag grape protection grape fruit protection bag

Detailed Sizes ---Grape Growing Bag 280×370mm 280×360mm 240×350mm 220×330mm ---Pomegranate Grow Bag 200×220mm ---Paper Bag Protective For Apple 150×185mm 150×188mm ---Protective Bags For Mango Cultivation 200×300mm ---Citrus Bags For Cultivation...
Main Item fruit growing paper bag
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grape growing paper bag, grape protection paper bag, grape packaging paper

Grapes wear paper bags when they grow and are kept in the bags till they are sold out. The bags will protect the grape from heavy weather. ADVANTAG: 1,The bag can avoid fruits from germs or hurt from tree branch or bird. 2,The bag also can avoid...
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fruit growing protect paper bag

growing bag making machine Rated Voltage: 220/380V Rated Power: 1.5kw Dimension: 5106*1218*1800mm Net weight: 2000kgs Production Speed: 320bags/min Bag Dimension : width range 150-330mm length range 150-450mm Operator per machine : 2 peopel Thread...
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fruit protection paper bag for grape protection bag

grape paper bag fruit growing paper bag 1 waterproof kraft double paper bags 2 200*300mm, 800*1600mm or customized 3 cover fruit to avoid direct sunshine, rain, wind TYPE: single piece layer (which is used when the temperature is higher than 24°c...
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fruit growing bag paper

Specially designed for pear and apple Able to prevent fruit from being contaminated by chemicals 27g/&#x33A1 ~ 55g/&#x33A1 Grape wrapping paper Pear wrapping(outside and inside paper) Apple wrapping paper( outside and inside paper)
Main Item fruit growing bag paper
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red apples,red delicious apple,orange,grapes,fuji apple,gala apples green apples

Name Fresh Fuji, Gala, Royal Gala, Golden Delicious, and Red Delicious apples, green and red apples Grade A Ex. FANCY Color Be Blush and Stripped Red color 80% up Nature Crisp and sweet with high sugar content, and bagged with paper bag when...
South Africa
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Tonkin bamboo cane

Product Introduction: Tonkin bamboo(bambus,bambu)pole ,cane, stick, stake is the best bamboo cane for tree nurseries and gardening.Durable for use in tree nurseries, gardening, decoration and other fields. Used widely for growing grapes, apples,...
Main Item bamboo pole
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Fruit protecting bags

Wanpu Industrial Products Company Limited is mainly engage in the manufacturing of various kinds of Fruit Growing paper bag, and has exported it to Asia, Europe, America, Australia and New zealand Specs´╝Ü apple, pear, grape, peach, Mango, banana,...
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golden raisins

Product Name: Golden Raisin Package: 250g/Bag N.W, 270g/Bag G.W Place of Origin: Xinjiang China Shelf life: 12 months Golden raisin(yellow raisin) grows in Xinjiang area, which is the world’s best place for planting grapes. With the great...
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Well sold and top quality rhodiola rosea powder extract with competitive price

Name: Rhodiola Extract Botanical Source: Rhodiola rosea (Rose root) is a plant in the family Crassulaceae that grows in cold regions of the world. These include much of the Arctic, the mountains of Central Asia, the Rocky Mountains, and mountainous...
Main Item Rutin, Troxerutin, Quercetin, Diosmin, Heperidin, Bilberry Extract, etc
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Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract 1%-98% Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a phenolic compound that has been found to have strong antioxidant activity. Plants create resveratrol to protect themselves against the effects of poor growing conditions and severe weather. Resveratrol has been shown to reduce the...
Main Item Plant Extract
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High Quality Maka Extract 30:1 Wild Maka Pink Makamide from Peru

Dear customers, how do you do? Our company is a professional OEM manufacturer of animal and plant extracts, cosmetics raw materials, fruit and vegetable powder and food health products raw materials. Our products have many kinds, complete...
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Iron Amino Acid Chelated 100% Water Soluble Organic Fertilizer

Iron Amino Acid Chelate Powder Organic Fertilizer 100% Water Soluble Plant Source Iron is an essential chemical element for the plant nutrition as it intervenes directly and indirectly in the formation of the chIorophyII( photosynthesis) and it is...
Main Item Amino Acid Powder, Amino Acid Liquid
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Uva Ursi Leaf Extract

What is Uva Ursi Leaf Extract? Uva ursi leaf is the medicinal part of a shrub that is indigenous to Europe. The name uva ursi means "bear's grape", and the shrub is so-named because bears like to eat the small red berries that grow on the uva ursi...
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Supply EDDHA-Fe Fertilizer

Supply EDDHA-Fe Fertilizer EDDHA-Fe is a brown powder.It is water soluble,which can be quickly absorbed.And is the most effective product to cure the plants of chlorosis of iron. 1.Quality Specification 1 DEEHA-Fe Item Content Fe 6% 0-0...
Main Item Amino Acid Powder, Amino Acid Liquid, Amino Acid Chelate Organic Fertilizer, etc
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blueberry plant extract

Blueberry is famous as a tasty snack and ingredient in many desserts, but it is also an effective nutritional and medicinal supplement. Recent reports indicate that a compound, used by Blueberries and Grapes to fight off fungal infections, could...
Main Item ellagic acid. Baical skullcap root P.E .Cranberry P.E .blueberry P.E.mulberRyP
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