Wanted: We are looking for peer canneries worldwide to exchange products for sales

Jun 7, 2023
We have a professional 60 year factory in Qinhuangdao that produces canned goods Lunch meat braised pork Hoof bladder Pork We are looking for peer canneries worldwide to exchange products for sales We also have a canned peach factory in syrup

Wanted: We will buy copper,aluminium,other metal by payment of "goods exchange goods"

Mar 17, 2023
We will buy copper and metal by payment of "goods exchange goods" method,Our products is as following: Model:JTM-2-180001-03 Name:2-180001-03- LNG LPG CO2 Storage Tank Function:Storage Pressure Vessel Storage Medium: LO2, LN2, LAr, LCO2 or LNG....

Wanted: Looking for the sole agent for our catalyst products in South Asia

Apr 7, 2020
This is a leading catalyst & technology supplier from China, the main application is petrochemical products and purification, we have counted about 70% market in China and we are looking for the good partner to enlarge the market in other...

Wanted: Electronic/ Computer Scrap

Sep 21, 2011
We purchase all types of Electronic Scraps-Computers, Mobile Cards, Telephone Exchange Cards, Pcbs, Tvs, Radios, etc. at very good price any qty. bulk or small. Please take our rates before selling your stuff.

Wanted: Buy SVR3L RSS3 SMR20 SIR20 STR20

Dec 17, 2010
We, Qingdao International Rubber Exchange Market Co.,Ltd (QinRex), is now the biggest rubber dealer in Qingdao free trade zone. We enjoys good reputation in both domestic and overseas markets. Besides, We QINREX have built a transaction platform(...

Wanted: White T-Shirts Needed

May 4, 2005
I am looking for a company that has GOOD quality plain white and black t-shirts of sizes 1X-2X-3X-4X. Long sleeve as well. Please send a response to exchange specifics. If your company dropships these kinds of goods, please respond as well. Thanks...
United States