Chip in Glass type NTC Thermistor

CIG Thermistor NTC Thermistor with a ceramic bare chip, a glass seal and a dumet wire Features ■ Kind of glass-encapsulated temperature sensor ■ High quality and high precision thermistor ■ Operating up to 300°C with high stability ■ Small size &...
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Glass Bead Thermistor, Single-ended Glass-sealed Thermistor

Glass Bead Thermistor, Single-ended Glass-sealed Thermistor Specification/model format: MTG2-1/2/3/4 Details Material: semiconductor ceramic resistor chip / high-efficiency conductive Dumet wire/glass Applicable temperature range:-50~300℃ Output...
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High Reliability And Sensitivity 10K Glass Sealed NTC Thermistor

: Glass sealing type thermistor is designed for high reliability and wide temperature range of operation. Makesafer series gives excellent high temperature stability as well as durability on humidity. Dimensions: Model MF58D R25(Resistance) NTC 2K,...
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MF59 Glass Shell SMD NTC Thermistors

MF59 glass encapsulated NTC thermistor excellent long-term stability and reliability even when encountering harsh environments and temperatures up 220°C. Excellent reliability and able to withstand temperatures up to 220°C, the LL-41 temperature...
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High temp resistance glass sealing ntc thermistor sensor

Product Brief High temperature glass sealing ntc thermistor sensor is a small type glass resin coating of NTC thermistor, which produced by new material, new technology, has the advantages of high precision and fast response. Product name high...
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Bead Type Glass NTC Thermistor with Radial Lead Wire

· High precision and reliable glass encapsulated NTC thermistor with insulated, heat conductive and water resistant epoxy resin into desired shapes · Special parameter could be made according to different requirement · High precision of resistance...
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MF51 Glass Sealing NTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor

Features: Fastest response time and high accuracy Better Stability ,as chip is welded with leads by alloy soldering process High resistance and mechanical strength Operation temperature range: -50 to +300 degrees Celsius Description of MF51 NTC...
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GT1 Series Axial Type Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor

The GT1 series thermistors are manufactured using super stable NTC chips which are hermetically sealed in a glass package. They are heat resistant by virtue of glasssealing. It can be used in many tough environments like oil smoke, dust or...
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Glass Sealed Low-temperature NTC thermistor

What Is Glass Sealing toThermisr Glass thermistor is a glass-sealed thermistor. Common glass sealing thermistor are: single-ended glass thermistor, diode glass seal, SMD glass seal. Because of the glass insulation, the thermistor is not affected by...
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Glass Sealed NTC Thermistor

Glass Sealed NTC Thermistor 1. Glass encapsulated ntc thermistor 2. Axial and radial leads 3. For temperature test, control 4. High precision of resistance: 5k ohm 5. Fast response to temperature MF58 NTC thermistor Definition MF58 Glass Shell Temp...
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ntc Thermistor - ATH10KL2A

The ATH10KBL2A is a thermistor assembly with a glass encapsulated thermistor packaged in an extra compact ring lug. The ATH10KL2A series thermistor consists of three versions, ATH10KBL2A, ATH10KBL2AT65 and ATH10KBL2AT65S. The ATH10KBL2A has bear...
United States
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MTG2 NTC Thermistor

Features 1,high stability and best price 2,excellent thermal cycle endurance 3,glass sealed body for high reliability 4,operation temperature range :-50c~+300C Applications photocopiers, printers, hairdressing machine, Frequency conversion fans,...
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Thermistor Manufacturers

Thermistor ManufacturingThermistor Manufacturing Ya Xun with the most advanced equipment and technology, to provide customers with a variety of thermistor manufacturing services, including NTC, PTC, NTC sensors and PTC sensors, power thermistors...
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NTC Thermistor: Type II

NTC Thermistor Axial lead glass-sealed Glass axial type for temperature sensing/ compensation RoHS compliant SPECIFICATION NTC Thermistor Type II Operating Temperature Rnage -40 ~ 250 °C Body size ψ2 x 4 mm Dissipation Constant Min. 2.3 m W/°C in...
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ntc thermistor

MJD series NTC thermistor is one where the thermistor chip is encapsulated in glass tube with high accuracy and good stability. 1.Glass encapsulated, resistant to heat, stable and reliable. 2.Small size, light weight and cheap. Type Codification:...
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Axial Leaded Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor for Temperature Sensing

Axial Leaded Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor Description AMF58 series NTC thermistor in glass encapsulated package (diode outline), with axial tinned Dumet ( Copper-Clad Ni-Fe) Wire. Widely applied in temperature measurement, detection,...
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NTC / PTC Thermistor

Glass sealing type NTC Thermistor thermistors are highly accurate, stable devices designed specifically for temperature sensing and control applications. They are particularly suited for uses where their precision interchangeability eliminates the...
Hong Kong
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Glass encapsulated ntc thermistor,ntc

Applications: Temperature measurement and control. Examples: Water heater,air conditioning,washer and dryer,microwaveoven,automobiles 1.Axial sealing 2.High precision resistance 3.Stable under high temperature 4.Tin/Nickel coated lead wires 5.Wide...
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NTC JD Series Thermistor (EPCOS)

Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistors are thermally sensitive semiconductor resistors which exhibit a decrease in resistance as absolute temperature increases. Change in the resistance of NTC thermistor can be brought about either by a...
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