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Geo drain(Geo composite)

Geo-drain is, in fact, a geo-composite composed of a heavy polyethylene mesh core (HDPE) that can be produced along with layers of geotextile in one side. These products have been widely used in the building and drainage industry due to the...
Main Item plastic net
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Gabions mattresses

Mattresses are wire mesh containers to be filled with rocks to form a solid lining system in various soil retaining projects. Gabion Mattress is jumbo size gabion form with increased panel length and width, compared with other forms like baskets,...
Main Item gabion baskets, gabion box, gabion cage, gabions mattresses
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GEO DRAIN BOARD, which has been successfully developed by us, the general manufacturer of civil engineering materials, with its high technology and sufficient experience, will avail as vertical drain for soil stabilisation in many types of ground...
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Mini vehicle tracking device with internal battery real time monitoring geo-electronic

Mini vehicle tracking device with internal battery real time monitoring GV55 Features: Extremely compact enclosure 63mm*50mm*21.8mm Internal 3-axis accelerometer supporting driving behavior monitoring, power conservation and motion detection...
Main Item GPS Tracking system and online time attendance system
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Jute Soil Saver / Jute Geo textile Bag

Jute Soil Saver has been specified for decades to provide low cost protection to freshly cut or exposed slopes. Jute Soil Saver offers a high degree of soil retention, before biodegrading completely to add to the organic content of the soil after...
Main Item Hessian jute bags, jute sacks, jute bags, jute hessian cloth, jute fabrics, jute coffee sacks, jute cocoa sacks, jute D.W. Sacks, Jute Potato Bags, Jute rice bags
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HDPE sheet drain

Zhengling Oasis sheet drain is a two-part prefabricated soil sheet drain consisting of a formed polystyrene / polyethylene core covered with a non-woven needle-punched polypropylene geo-textile filter fabric bonded to the dimple side of the core....
Main Item sheet drain
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Tri-dimension Composite Geonet for Drainage

Huatao-HongXiang New Geo-Material Co., LTD. Tri-dimension Composite Geonet for Drainage Description Tri-dimension composite genet for drainage is a new type of geosynthetics.Its made of atri-dimension geonet coated with geotextile on both sides....
Main Item geotextile, geomembrane, compound geomembrane, geogrid, geocell, sodium bentonite
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Nonwoven Geotextile (GEO - 7)

Geotextile is a non-woven geosynthetic material, manufactured by needle-punch method. Having wonderful physical and mechanical qualities (high tensile strength, mechanical damage resistance, acid and aggressive biological environment resistance)...
Main Item Bitumen Kraft Paper Bag
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Compound Geomembrane

Combound geomembrane is extruded PE membrane formed by adding anti- oxidant, absorbent of ultraviolet and dyestuff into HDPE or LDPE or EVA with geo technological fabric.It is used for drainning off water and adding the muscle.It is divided into...
Main Item Compound geomembrane, geomembrane
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Mulch mat is made of coir fiber,drawn from the husk of the coconut without adding any synthetic material, and is a 100% natural product. It is used as a Blanket to prevent soil erosion,accelerates growth of vegetation on banks and slopes.The...
Main Item basket liner
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