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3-5mm activated alumina in air dryer 3-5mm activated alumina in air dryer 3-5mm activated alumina in air dryer

3-5mm activated alumina in air dryer

Description: Activated Alumina is white spherical porous particles with uniform particle size. Smooth surface, high mechanical strength, strong hygroscopicity, does not swell or crack after absorbing water, and remain intact, non-toxic, odorless,...
Main Item Molecular sieve, Carbon molecular sieve, Activated alumina, Inert ceramic balls, tower packings
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Gamma alumina ball

Gamma alumina ball White sphere, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, insoluble in water and alcohol, regular in particle size, smooth at surface, with high mechanical strength and strong adsorption of moisture, not expanding and cracking after...
Main Item Alumina ceramic ball/Alumina ceramic tiles/brick/plate
Business Type Manufacturer, Importer, Agent, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer, Service

Gamma Type Activated Alumina for Drinking Water Defluorinating

Gamma Type Activated Alumina for Drinking Water Defluorinating Product description: CHEMXIN Activated alumina, there are many micro-paths, so the specific surface is large. It can be used as absorbent, desiccant and catalyst carrier. It is also a...
Main Item molecular sieve, activated alumina
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Activated Alumina Catalyst Carrier

Activated Alumina Catalyst Carrier Activated Alumina Catalyst Carrier is a white, spherical porous material, non-toxic, odorless, not powdering, insoluble in water and alcohol. Yuanying Activated Alumina Catalyst Carrier has even micro-holes,...
Main Item Activated Alumina, Molecular Sieves, Carbon Molecular Sieves, Clay Desiccant, Insulating Glass Desiccant, Activated Carbon, Intalox Saddle, Pall Ring, Raschig Ring, Honeycomb Ceramics, Foamed Ceramics, Ceramic Ball, Tower Packing, Random Packing
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white fine gamma activated alumina powder

1.material :alumium oxygen powder /alumina powder 2.usage:refractory material 3.package:25 kg per bag 4.ten years manufacturer The product is white powder,uniform of particle size,easy to dispersion,stable of chemical performance,moderate in high...
Main Item activated Alumina Balls, powder
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High-purity Gamma-Alumina CAS#. 1344-28-1

Gamma-Al2O3 is odorless, tasteless and white powder. It is unstable crystal, and turns into thita-Al2O3when the temperature is 1000 centigrade and stable alpha-Al2O3 when 1180 centigrade. It is transparent or semitransparent, and its primary...
Main Item Rubber Chemicals
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Activated alumina desiccant ball

Specifications gamma-Al2O3 as the component, HTAL-2 activated alumina is excellent adsorbent and catalyst carrier. gamma-Al2O3 as the component, HTAL - 2 activated alumina is excellent adsorbent and catalyst carrier .It is mainly used to clean the...
Main Item activated alumina oxide ball , alumina hydroxide, sodium lignosulfonate, catalyst, molecular sieve, silica gel
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gamma alumina powder

1 raw material for b phosphorus aluminum bactericide, 2 adsorbent for pharmaceutical production Vb12 and active filter for paint production. 3 It is good raw material for catalyst and anhydrous aluminum chloride. 1 raw material for b phosphorus...
Main Item activated alumina ball. alumina powder, ceramic ball, molecular sive, silica gel
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Hydrodesulfurization Catalyst

In the hydrodesulfurization units, the organic sulfur compounds are converted into hydrogen sulfide over a layer of cobalt-molybdenum oxide hydrodesulfurization catalyst after mixing natural gas stream with small amount of hydrogen. R-S-H (g) + H2...
Category: Chemicals | Catalysts
Main Item chemical, rubber, plastics, lights, agriculture,
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High purity alumina powder

Appearance is white crystalline powder or fine shape, particle size uniform, stable chemical performance, good sintering activity. Mainly used for sapphire crystal materials, tricolor phosphors, long persistence phosphors, high-pressure sodium lamp...
Main Item chemicals
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TM - HA series high purity alumina

This kind of alumina has high purity, fine primary crystal, strong activity and low conductivity. It can be widely used in high pressure sodium lamp tube, phosphor, synthesis of aluminum nitride materials, cutting tool, high-grade electronic...
Main Item alumina quartz silica
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Nanometer Aluminum Oxide (HTAl)

The product is a white loose powder, and is mainly divided into two types according to the different crystals: alpha and gamma. The crystal of HTAl-01 is Alpha, while HTAl-02 is gamma crystal. The surface of the product has been treated by...
Main Item nano titanium oxide (HTTi), nano silicon oxide (HTSi), nano aluminum oxide (HTAl), nano zinc oxide (HTZn), nano magnesium oxide (HTMg) and nano zirconium oxide (HTZr), nano antimony doped tin oxide powder (ATO), nano inorganic anti-bacterial powder (HTB)
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