Equipment and process services 1. The simple programming method can input the solder joint coordinates directly, and the teaching can reproduce the solder joint coordinate position. By simply operating the teaching box, the moving end can be guided...
Main Item dispenser machine;Lock screw machine, Automatic soldering machine, mask machine, Marking machine;
Business Type Manufacturer, Distributor

Automatic lead-free reflow soldering machine SUNY-SMT200

1. Usage: automatic line carving, drilling and milling edge for circuit board; 2. Maximum working size: 300mm×300mm; 3. Working mode: 2.5 d double-sided processing mode; 4. Control handle is made up of ARM + FPGA of embedded control system, there...
Main Item fast PCB producing equipment
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

HITACHI GXH-3 Pick and Place Machine

HITACHI GXH-3 Pick and Place Machine Products Description: A placement system with the ludicrous placement rate of 95000 cph, and flexibility to place components ranging from 0201 (0603mm) chip to 100x26mm connector. Two independent work cells...
Main Item reflow oven, wave soldering machine, pick and place machine
Business Type Manufacturer

Spice grinder

Performance and features: 1. The new controller is no longer need to tighten nut to fixed, the regulator to adjust to the specified location, machine operation does not affect the regulator in a fixed position, and no longer needs to be fixed. Old...
Main Item coconut butter machine
Business Type Manufacturer