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Industry Grade Hexafluorosilicate CAS16961-83-4 Industry Grade Hexafluorosilicate CAS16961-83-4 Industry Grade Hexafluorosilicate CAS16961-83-4 Industry Grade Hexafluorosilicate CAS16961-83-4 Industry Grade Hexafluorosilicate CAS16961-83-4

Industry Grade Hexafluorosilicate CAS16961-83-4

: Physicochemical properties of fluorosilicic acid Density 1.22 g/mL at 25 °C Boiling point 108-109°C Molecular formula F6H2Si Molecular weight 144.09200 Flash point 108-109°C Accurate quality 143.98300 LogP 2.36540 Appearance traits colorless...
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UHB-ZK Series Slurry pulp transfer handling PUMP

UHB-ZK Slurry Pump Operating Temperature:-20oC ~80oC Flow Capacity :3m3/h ~ 1000 m3/h Pump head :15m ~ 50m Product Overview : It is an cantilever single stage single suction centrifugal pump .This Pump is Designed to transmit the corrosive mediums...
Main Item chemical pump, centrifugal pump, self-priming pump , magnetic driven pump
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PHOSPHORIC ACID tanker Trailer

PHOSPHORIC ACID tanker HYDROGEN PEROXIDE / PHOSPHORIC ACID Tanker Trailer 3 Axles DIMENSIONS Tare Weight10000kg Payload32000 kg Total Weight42000kg Overall LengthRefer drawing 11000mm Overall WidthRefer drawing mm (maximum 2500mm) Overall...
Main Item SHACMAN Truck Customizing | Beiben truck Customizing | ISUZU UD HINO Truck Customizing | Recovery Wrecker | Portable Tank Container | Special Car | Tanker and Trailer truck | Aerial platform truck | All Wheel Drive off road truck | Body parts | Chassis pa
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fluorosilicic acid

fluorosilicic acid H2SiF6 colorless transparent fuming liquid 40% Fluosilicic acid (H2SiF6),% ≥ 40.0 Free acid(HF),% ≤ 0.01 Sulfate(SO4),%≤ 0.01 Heavy metal(Pb),% ≤ 0.01 Copper(Cu),% ≤ 0.001 It can be used for making other fluoride and fluosilicate...
Main Item potassium fluoride, hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoric acid, potassium hydroxide, sodiu
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Hexafluorosilicic acid

Classification: Hydrofluoric Acid CAS No.: 16961-83-4 Other Names: Hexafluorosilicic acid MF: H2SiF6 EINECS No.: 241-034-8 Place of Origin: Tianjin China (Mainland) Grade Standard: Industrial Grade Purity: 20%-40% Appearance: colorless Number:...
Main Item titanium
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Calcium Fluorosilicate

Calcium Fluorosilicate 1. Di-hydrous compound: Molecular formula: CaSiF6.2H2O/Molecular weight: 218.19 2. Anhydrous compound: Molecular formula: CaSiF6 /Molecular weight: 182.16 UN No: 2856 Hazard class: 6.1 H.S. Code: 2826.900090 Colorless,...
Main Item Sodium Silicofluoride/ Sodium Fluorosilicate
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Hydrofluoric acid (HF)

Classification Halide (Except Chloride) Type Other CAS No. 7664-39-3 Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland) Grade Standard Reagent Grade Purity 40-100% color colorless Hydrofluoric acid (HF) is primarily for the production of inorganic...
Main Item Hydrofluoric acid (HF) , Ammonium hydrogen fluoride(Ammonium Bifluoride), Clopidogrel, Enviroment-friendly fertilizer synergist, fumaric acid, 2-Thiophene ethylamine, PASP, Hydrofluoric Acid
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Specifications 1,Molecular formula : H2SiF62,Molecular weight : 144.093,Property : colorless transparent fuming Molecular formula : H2SiF6Molecular weight : 144.09Property : Aqueous solution is colorless transparent fuming liquid. Relative...
Main Item paraffin wax/sulfur/stearic acid/oxalic acid etc
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Ammonium fluorosilicate

Ammonium fluorosilicate, Molecular formula: (NH4)2SiF6 Molecular weight: 178.14 Properties: Colorless crystalline powder, soluble in alcohol and water. There are two kinds of crystals : α and β. Density of α:2.011g/cm2, density of β:2.152g/cm2....
Main Item cooling towers,blowers,water tanks, ventilators, ventilator pipelines, fireproofing valves ,lab facilities
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