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Feather Clothes Filling Machine

1.1 We adopt convertible frequency fans in this small equipment; the machine is designed for filling down-filled clothing´╝îsleeping bag. 1.2 The diameter of the filling tube ranges from 14mm to 25mm, they can fill those long and narrow clothing...
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Down feather garment jacket filling machine

Down feather garment jacket filling machine 1. Machine is used for down feather weighing and filling into jacket, clothes, coat, garment, sleep bag etc. 2. High efficiency, 2-4 times than filling by hand and reduce rely on skilled labor. 3. Non...
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Drill Flocking Performance Tester

Fabric Drill Flocking Performance Tester (Friction Method) Testing Standards: GB/T 12705.1/14272, BS EN 12132-1 Applications: Drill Flocking Performance Tester is designed for determining the down-proof properties of fabric for the liner material,...
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