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Anita Beauty Soap, Camay Beauty Soa, Ariel Detergent Powder, Comfort Fabric Softner , Dettol Soap An

Anita Beauty Soap, Camay Beauty Soa, Ariel Detergent Powder, Comfort Fabric Softner , Dettol Soap, Dettol Antiseptic liquid and Dettol Hand Wash
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Fabric softner

Fabric Softner is a product used while laundering to make clothes soft and eliminate static cling. Fabric softner also reduces wrinkles in clothes.
United Arab Emirates
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Fabric Softner

Hyang Rinse Removes by special flexibility anger addition and the detergent garbage that PpalRaeHu remains not to mention static electricity prevention. Fragrance adds that at a dim distance is neat to Florall, Musk incense. ventilation of fiber...
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Blue-Touch Fabric softner

a.Liquid fabric Softener is formulated to recover the natural softness of fabfics, reduce wrinkles b.Liquid fabric Softener can lengthen the useful life of clothes c.Liquid fabric Softener can protect and restore brightness of colors Clothing...
Main Item laundry liquid detergent, dishwashing liquid, fabric softener, toilet cleaner
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Artech Fabric Softner

With natural herb scent, it protects core materials against exterior environment. * Natural Herb Scent * Ag+ Nano for sterillization * AFC (Aroma Feeling Capsule) *name : Natural Fabric Softner *Size : 1000ml * use : appled all kinds of bedding and...
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Fabric Softner

Tumble Dryer Sheets Anti Static electricity No twine Prevent dust Prevent wrinkling Less friction among clothes Easy to iron Prevent pilling and fabric damaged Soft touch conditioning for cotton Do not spoil suction of cotton Tumble Dryer Sheets...
Main Item color catcher
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BIOCERA washing BAll

If you use Bio cera Laundry washing ball, You don't need to use detergent or fabric softner again! Inside the ball, there are Nano Technology Ceramic Balls that have Negative-ion and Far-infrared rays. Water surface tension is reduced, making water...
Main Item Bio ceramic ball
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eco Textile Softner 1.0L-Eco Friendly Fabric softener (3X Concentrated)

Vegetable BABY Fabric Conditioner for baby 1L-3X Concentrated - For both Top and front loader - No added: Formic acid, glutaraldehyde, preservatives, coloring agent, formaldehude, 4 kind of phthalate, fluorescence brightening agent, 1,4-dioxanem...
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Food industries

Roha Dychem Egypt Co. Our Products: 1- Idacol Idacol is where it all began for Roha four decades ago. Then its flagship brand, it has endured the passage of time and changing industry dynamics to earn a loyal clientele amongst even the biggest...
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Textile softener auxiliary nonionic softener flake

Nonionic softener Flake FE is advanced fatty compound, applied in soft finishing of cotton, hemp and its blending textiles. It can impart fabrics with excellent soft and fluffy feeling.Especially suitable for fabric that have strict requirements on...
Main Item textile softener /auxiliary chemical
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Dryer Ball

1)Using dryer balls into tumble dryer together, and make soften and separate laundry. 2) No need the Fabric softner, and make the fabric soften. 3) Save the dryer time and save electricity. 4) Reduce crease and wrinkle 5) Easy to use
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Putto Houzz Fabric Softener

*Putto Houzz? Eco friendly detergency derived from Plants Made of 100% ingredients derived from plants, without artificial chemical substance, it is a premium detergent designed as the safest for human body and environment. Putto Houzz can be used...
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Softening Agent HR-100

[Product features] This product use for cotton, linen, polyester, wool and other kinds of fiber, after treatment the fabric have excellent soft effect and good elasticity, plump, smooth, have silk feel and hydrophilicity. [Application of softners...
Main Item textile auxiliary
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Laundry Ball

100%Natural Eco Laundry Ball Passed the SGS test ,Patent pending Integrative shaping(Do not use screws)Durability is very good No Heavy Metals No Residual Chlorine No Germs Reduces up to 80% of detergents Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria Removers up...
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JDFKS-003 Antibacterial Compound Textile Finishing Agent

[Product Introduction] JDFKS-003 Antibacterial Compound Textile Finishing Agent stays permanently on the surface of the item forming antibacterial layer, so that when bacterium touch the surface, the surface antibacterial layer attracts bacterium...
Main Item nano Au, Ag, Cu antibacterial series, nano mineral series, nano carbon series, colorless&transparent nano silver solution, Agtype antibacterial powder, Antibacterial master batch, various of textile antibacterial finishing agent and nano terminal applic
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Micro Silicone Emulision MSE-30

MICROEMULSION Is a highly active microemulsion of amino functional silicone. The Product is specially formulated as a textile softner and lubricant and typical application benefit and product features are as listed below: - · Imparts a smooth soft...
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