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Deionized water Equipment

Electro Deionization water treatment Deionized water (deionized) refers to the pure water after ionic impurities removal. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO/TC 147 defines "deionized" as: "deionized water completely or...
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250L/H water treatment

1. Model AJX-250L/H 2. Capacity 250L per hour 3. Packing by wooden case stainless steel mainframe; dimension:135*70*145CM;total weight:155Kg 4. Power 220V/380V/50Hz; total power input: 1.5KW 5. pure water quality 10US/cm (source water 500US/cm)...
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ASME BPE Pharmaceutical Purified Water Generator cGMP/USP/EP/FDA/WHO/PIC/S

APPLICATION: City water as the feed water is supplied into the purified water generator. The typical process of the purified water generator includes multimedia filter, activated carbon filter, softener filter, reverse osmosis and...
Main Item purified water generator, WFI generator, multiple effect water still, PW system, WFI System, pharmaceutical water system, PW/WFI storage and distribution system, preparation system, CIP, SIP
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KDSJ Series Water And Oil Cooled Silicon Controlled Rectifiers For Anodizing And Electro polishing

Suitable for aluminium and its alloy oxidation, continuous oxidation, electrolyte polish and stainless steel electrolyte polish metal surface treatment technology. 1.The main transformer uses the pentastyle structure, the ferrite core uses "Wuhan...
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