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Defoamer for Drilling Fluid----- MDX-1\MDX-2 Defoamer for Drilling Fluid----- MDX-1\MDX-2

Defoamer for Drilling Fluid----- MDX-1\MDX-2

Drilling Fluid Defoamer MDX-1\MDX-2 is a powerful drilling fluid defoamer which can be applicable in freshwater, seawater, brine and saturated brine drilling fluid. It is non-fluorescent, nontoxic and compatible with other additives and works...
Main Item Slotted Liner/Perforated Liner, Wire Wrapped Screen, Premium Metal Mesh Screen, OCTG Tubing/Casing Pipe, Pup Joint, Crossover, Coupling, Drilling Fluid Chemicals, Centralizer, Production Chemicals, Refinery Chemicals, Oilfield Service, Completion Tools
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Drilling mud defoamer

Drilling mud defoamer A, product introduction Drilling mud defoamer is based on modified polysiloxane as main ingredients, with non-toxic food grade emulsifier, dispersant, stabilizer, the construction process of refining bio inert defoaming agent....
Main Item Fine chemicals
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Mineral Oil Mechanical Defoamers Used In Oilfield Chemicals

Mineral Oil Mechanical Defoamers Used In Oilfield Chemicals Model No. E-275/276/277 pH Value 5~7 Appearance Translucent/Light yellow liquid Active Substance Content 100% Application Apply to all kinds of printing ink, emulsion synthesis, industrial...
Main Item Chemical/Defoamer
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Silicon Defoamer antifoam agent XWC-2525A for petroleum industry oil drilling

Defamer/Antifoam agent for Oilfield drilling mud 1.Introduction This product is a kind of high concentrate defoamer agent;Have obvious effect on eliminating stubborn tiny bubbles in the oilfield operation process, and has good defoaming, inhibition...
Main Item Defoamer agent/Antifoam agent/Leveling agent/Wetting agent
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Defoamer- Anti foaming agent

This is a multi-utility product used in water treatment, Oil and gas field, Textile, Sugar Industries, Effluent treatment, Desalination and other industries etc. In this catagory, we have many type of different products with various application...
Main Item Water Treatment Chemical
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Thix-108 Organic Silicon Defoamer

THX-108 Organic Silicon Defoamer Description: In industrial production(textile,paper marking,fermention and waste water treatment),foam problem directly affects the stability of producing and quality of products.Harmful foam is the key problem...
Main Item Defoamer, rubber agent
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Ester based drilling Lubricant

Drilling Fluid Lubricant CFK-1 is modified from plant fatty acid ester. Its appearance is brown oily liquid, and density is 0.92 ~ 1.00g/cm3, with a little camsing odour. CFK-1 whose molecule contains adsorption groups, can adsorb tightly to the...
Main Item Xanthan Gum, Polyanionic Cellulose, Polyacrylamide, Bromide, CMC, HEC, Soltex
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Defoaming agent

(1)Appearance:white emulsion (2)Package:plastic barrel (3)MOQ:16Ton High quality and good price ! FH009SA PAPER MILL Product Name:Defoaming agent (FH002AA) Description: This product is a high efficiency silicone oil antifoaming agent, after the...
Main Item paper sizing agent
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Defoaming agent

Description: This product is a high efficiency silicone oil antifoaming agent, after the special craft emulsion synthesis, can be applied to high temperature, strong alkali, high viscosity system defoaming, especially suitable for some more...
Main Item AKD sizing agent
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Oil drilling fluids Additives

Oil drilling fluids Additives range covers drilling fluids for Oil and Gas Wells, Mud Chemicals, Workover and Completion Fluids, Production Chemicals, Well Stimulation Chemicals. It can be used as : Chrome and Chrome Free Lignin-Based...
Main Item Oil drilling fluids Additives
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Barium sulfate

Barium sulfate mineral is called barite. As a white amorphous powder. Stable, insoluble in water, acids, bases or organic solvents. Radiology Barium sulfate is mainly the use of X-rays that can be absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and the role...
Main Item zinc oxide, stearic acid, paraffin wax, pigment
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