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Plastic Hopper Dryer

Description 1. For the hopper dryer, the adoption of heating barrel made from stainless steel can successfully avoid material contamination and make the clean pretty simple. 2. The air dispersion device, namely the net plate, is made from the...
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Main Item plastic injection molding machines ;plastic injection machines
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Disperser Plate Segment Specular For Pulp & Paper Industry

Disperser Plate Segment Specular For Pulp & Paper Industry Parason manufactures the disperser discs in various design and metallurgy.Disperser discs often face typical initial setting troubles like: - Excessive vibration - Higher noise level - Load...
Main Item paper machinery
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WT Alkaline zinc dispersing agent plating intermediates chemicals additives

WT Chemical nature Chemical name: Cationic quaternary ammonium salt of Urea amine Properties Appearance Yellowish to yellow thick liquid Solid content (%) ≥65 PH 6.0-8.5 (extensive PH indicator paper) Specific gravity(20℃) 1.12-1.18 Application WT...
Main Item Electroplating intermediates, Fluorosurfactants, Water treatment chemicals, Pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals, Food additives
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Flat spray nozzle(KSH type) Flat spray nozzle(KSH type)

Flat spray nozzle(KSH type)

Simple structure for resistance to clogging with impurities Applications: Washing/rinsing of filters, machines, tankd, etc. Dispersion/irrigation of liquid, oil, etc. Cooling/quenching of sttel plates, folling mill etc.
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Main Item Mini Atomizing Nozzle
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ceramic parts for sand mill

ceramic parts for sand mill we can provide series of anti-abrasive ceramic parts for grinding machine. eg: dispersible plate, grinder impller ,stator, rotor, lining of cylinder body, gland and bracket, gasket, mixing rod and so on. We can produce...
Main Item zirconia powder, ceramic ball, ceramic parts for sand mill. fused zirconia. titanium
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Nickle Plated Copper Wire 0.03-1.0mm

N.P.C Plated Thickness :2%,4%,7%,10%,27% High precision nickel plate thickness controlled wire. 50um thickness plating's dispersion range is only 0.83um. Maeden Innovation Co., Ltd. is professional Tinsel Wire and Speaker Wire Manufacturer in...
Main Item tinsel wire/ lead wire/ copper wire/ litz wire/ Speaker Lead Wire/Medical Cable/Multimedia Cable and Acoustic Cable more than 200 types/ECG Cable, EKG Wire, EEG Wire and Flat Ribbon Cable/Brass Wire, Nickel Sliver Wire
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Silica Sol Colloidal Silica JN830 SW-30 precision casting ceramic polishing

Characteristics: Silica sol belongs to colloid. It is odorless, tasteless and nontoxic. Its chemical molecular formular is mSiO2. NH2O. Since the colloid grains are minute (10-20nm) and have relatively large specific surface area, the grains...
Main Item Silica gel, silica sol, colloidal silica
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small soap making machine,cream mixing shampoo stirrer

Feature: This series dispersion mixer can be equiped with tooth dispersion plate used in the high-speed dispersing mixing,and also can be used with various types of mixers using for various kinds of mixing occasions. Dispersion mixer is typically...
Main Item mixing machine, mixing tank, reactors, stainless steel tank
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Grounding Pad

Electrosurgical Grounding Pad/Patient Plate/Disperse Electrode/Return Electrode Size:154mmx192mm Conductive area:165mmx106mm, match with electrosurgical unit. Features: Iso 10993 biocompatible test;Non-cytotoxic,without stimulus and...
Main Item ECG Electrode, Ultrasound gel, lubricating jelly, Esu plate, Esu pencil, medical tape, Face mask, Respirator.
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High purity precision casting colloidal silica sol SW-25 acidic

Quick drying silica sol: the film used forcasting shell can quickly dry the shell of the product. According to thedifferent high temperature strength, colloidal silica for precision casting canbe divided into the surface layer obt830 colloidal...
Main Item Industrial gas
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High Performance Vertical Ball Bead Mill, vertical sand mill

Vertical Bead Mill Working Principle: It is mainly composed by main body, main transmission, barrel, dispersion plate, feed pump, electric control and circulating cooling water system. Cylinder is double-layer structure. Contacting materials part...
Main Item SMC Machine, Reactor, Sigma Kneader, dispersing mixer, bead mill, nuata mixer, ribbon mixer, three roller mill, emulsifying machine, resin/adhesive production line
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Vertical Sand Mill

1.Working Princeples: The feeding pump is installed inside the machine body,when put the materials into the bottom of valve, the dispersion axis drives the dispersed plate to rotate so that the grinding balls can move quickly .under the pressure of...
Main Item Reactor, mixing Machine, kneader mixer
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Conical Disperser - Tricone Fillings

Conical Disperser - Tricone Fillings Shallow Angle Cone-Flow Fillings [JC-O Series] PARASON cast and fabricated and duly machined llings are available for almost all model of RTC 1000, RTC 2000, RTC 3000, RTC 4000 suitable for different grades of...
Main Item largest manufacturer & Supplier of pulp and paper machinery
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[Aluminum Casting for sale]The special processing technology of aluminum casting has been developed

The special processing technology of aluminum casting has been developed Aluminum Casting design is widely used in non-ferrous metal die-casting, casting, aluminum profiles, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, hardware, pump valve industry surface...
Main Item Street Lighting Base, Street Sign Base, Fence, Table, Chair, Bench Furniture Part, Mailbox Post, Garden Decoration, Gate, Fireplace Casting
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Sodium Lignosulfonate SLS MN-1 MN-2 MN-4 potassium acid powder lignin Sodium Lignosulfonate SLS MN-1 MN-2 MN-4 potassium acid powder lignin Sodium Lignosulfonate SLS MN-1 MN-2 MN-4 potassium acid powder lignin Sodium Lignosulfonate SLS MN-1 MN-2 MN-4 potassium acid powder lignin Sodium Lignosulfonate SLS MN-1 MN-2 MN-4 potassium acid powder lignin Sodium Lignosulfonate SLS MN-1 MN-2 MN-4 potassium acid powder lignin

Sodium Lignosulfonate SLS MN-1 MN-2 MN-4 potassium acid powder lignin

Sodium Lignosulfonate Introduction Potassium lignosulfonate, which has high content in active genes such as sulfonic group and carboxyl is easily soluble and has strong surface activity and power of dispersion. Products family of potassium...
Main Item Lignosulfonate series, Naphthalene Superplasticizer, Sodium Gluconate, Polycarboxylic acid series and Citric acid
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Pneumatic Lift High Speed Disperser

Dispersing machine is the new highly efficient mixing equipment conducting grinding, dispersion, emulsification, mixing for liquid raw materials of different viscosity, through high-speed running of the up-and-down teeth of the dispersion plate, to...
Main Item Dispersion Mill Equipment
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Wodon chromium carbide overlay wear plate

WODON-Chromium Carbide overlay Wear Plate is specially formulated abrasive compound hardfacing plate, R&D for industry and mining requiring high abrasive and high impact resistant applications. WODON-CM860 consists of weldable mild steel plate and...
Main Item Chromium carbide overlay wear plate
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Sodium Allyl Sulfonate (SAS)

Product Name: Sodium Allyl Sulfonate (SAS) Molecular Formula: C3H5SO3Na CAS NO.: 2495-39-8 Structural Formula: CH2=CH-CH2-SO3Na Molecular Weight: 144.1 Index: Functions: 1)As the third monomer of acrylic fiber,this produt can improve the dying...
Main Item Sodium Allyl Sulfonate (SAS), Sodium Methallyl Sulfonate(SMAS), 2-Acrylamido-2-
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Patient Plate (Dispersive electrode, Grounding plate, Return plate)

The Bio Protech PROPLATE is a disposable, single use, neutral electrode, which provides a return path for high frequency electrical current to the electrosurgical generator. No electrosurgical effect, e.g., cutting and removal of tissue or...
Main Item ECG Electrode, Patient Plate, TENS Electrode, SpO2 Sensor, Defibrillation Pad
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Polystyrene Conductive Masterbatch

This product is made of imported super-conductive carbon black as functional additives, PS as matrix resin, with coupling agent and home-made dispersing agent .through internal mixer and twin-screw extrusion. It can be used for the preparation of...
Main Item PE, PP, ABS, XPS. PET flame retardant & masterbatch
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