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theultimate cleaning tool

name:multiple clean brush 1. powerful . fast . cleaning . action-no more surbbing ! scrub away soap scum from sinks. remove spills from stoves, remove dirt from winow sills . removal dirt &soap scum from baths. cleans shower , cleans grout lines in...
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Titanium Coating Wok Pan

1. Titanium is Healthier - Use Less Oil While Cooking Titanium pans are truly non-stick, which means that you will need less oil or water to cook your food. This is great news for the health-conscious among us, because it eliminates the "invisible"...
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Compressed Magic Sponge With Handle

Melamine Magic Eraser has Magic power to enhance your cleaning.This melamine sponge magic eraser has strong cleaning ability. Melamine Magic Eraser has Magic power to enhance your cleaning. This melamine sponge magic eraser has strong cleaning...
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Melamine Magic Sponge

Melamine Magic Eraser has Magic power to enhance your cleaning. This melamine sponge magic eraser has strong cleaning ability being used as board scrubber, car cleaning, sofa cleaning etc. We provide different size, shape and quality. Melamine foam...
Main Item Melamine Foam
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BY600-800 Sugarcoating Machine

These machines sugarcoat the tablets and pills for pharmaceutical and food industries. It is also used for rolling and heating beans and edible nuts or seeds. As its feature, the sugarcoating round pot is elevated with a elevation 30° to the...
Main Item BY-1000 Sugar Coating Machine
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hot pan

Hot pan frying pan as seen on tv Old pots constantly Eriophorum, food pridega and degsius gramdyti from the bottom of you already fatally kyrjo? Would you like to produce food without problems? Forget the old pots and pans! Hot pan-fried healthy...
Main Item slicer
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Magic melamine cleaning sponge

Hi-density Magic Sponge(also known as Hi-tech melamine sponge) is a revolutionary new nano techology meterial, adopting 4th generation new nano tech. It is new and environmental protection cleaning product, with 99.9% natural anti-microbial...
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foam sponge

Nano sponge, it is also called nano sponge, melamine foam, is a new, eco-friendly cleaning products in 21st centry.It overturns the traditional way of cleaning. No need any detergent, only with water, it can remove stubborn stains easily! The most...
Main Item melamine nano magic sponge
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overseas bobo head wigs

fashion silky straight curl 100% synthetic Fiber wigs (Non-flammable) 1.high quality with reasonable price and environmental protection 3.over 10 years manufacturing experience 4.Absolutely true to nature 5.Various colors and size are...
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Sodium Cocoamphoacetate

Sodium Cocoamphoacetate INCI Name: Sodium Cocoamphoacetate Structural formula: C18H35N2NaO4 CAS No: 68334-21-4 Characteristics: 1. Excellent antistatic, softening, foam-stabilizing performance. 2. Mild to skin. Make cloth soft and smooth, make hair...
Main Item Surfactant
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Soapnuts, or soap berries, have been used as a natural detergent for centuries. Soapnuts come from the fruit of the trees of the sapindus genus, from the family Sapindacea. There are around a dozen species; Nepal,india and china The one most widely...
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