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DC System Earth Fault Detector

Product Introduction DC system grounding fault tester is a new generation of tester. It can be applied to dc systems of any voltage grade. It is equipped with high-precision detection clamp table which greatly improves the detection range and...
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NAZJ6 DC System Earth Fault Detector

NAZJ6 DC System Earth Fault Detector Product introduction NAZJ6 DC System Earth Fault Detector applies to all DC system in any voltage class ,equipped with high-precision tester ,expanded the tested range and strengthened the anti-interference...
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PITE 3836 Ground fault Locator

PITE 3836 is the updated version of PITE 3830 ground fault locator. This patent-protected product is built based on years of field experience in different DC systems. It specially deals with current leakage DC system of high resistance below 1MΩ....
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When electric vehicle charging station provides a DC charging voltage from an AC source (home power supply), it requires residual current sensors to protect from electric leakage. Normally customers should install type costly B RCCB for a safety in...
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9500KB High Voltage Proximity Detector

10 voltage settings : 230V, 3kV, 6kV, 10kV, 35kV,66kV, 110kV, 220kV, 330kV, and 500kV/AC - High bright LEDs visual indication and Sound indication - Non-contact work by proximity - Compatible with most link sticks - Simple and efficient to use Key...
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275HP High Voltage Proximity Detector,High Voltage Proximity Detector,voltage testers

• The 275 HP is a high voltage proximity detector. It has eight voltage detection settings from 240Vac to 275Vac. The 275 HP consists of an internal pickup sensor plate, a sensitivity selector, a visual and a sound annunciator. With the 275 HP,...
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